What Type Of Rod And Reel For Bass Fishing – People always ask me how many rods and reels I have. There are too many short answers. There’s probably an “Anonymous Anglers” group out there somewhere for people like me. I would like to try out the latest bass fishing toys. Even before me

I was on edge when I walked into the tackle store to try out and report on these toys so you know what to play with, and there was a new bass fishing rod that whet my insatiable appetite.

What Type Of Rod And Reel For Bass Fishing

What Type Of Rod And Reel For Bass Fishing

After confessing my passion for feather-light fishing combos, the next question that usually follows is, “How many rod and reel combinations should I buy?”

My Go To Bass Fishing Rods, Reels And Lines — Henry Gilbey

Six. Yes, it’s an exact science. Okay, maybe nothing is exact in fishing, but in bass fishing, I think 6 will get most people where they need to be for bass or competing with other bass anglers in the club. Of course, you can also fit a rod glove into one rod tube in the Ranger Rod Storage and fill another tube with 20 rods.

But often I start stacking rods on the deck when I’m not sure what the fish are doing. And what I started to realize is that in about 90% of the situations, I can only get 4, 5, or 6 rods out. . That’s fishing clear-water highland Ozark reservoirs like Beaver Lake or Table Rock Lake. That was fishing in Tennessee River fisheries such as Guntersville, Kentucky and Pickwick Lakes. It was either a muddy, grassy fishery like Lake Dardanelle on the Arkansas River, or a clear, grassy fishery further north, like Champlain in New York.

When trying to figure out the base, it seems like you rarely have more than 6 rods. And almost everything after that is a duplicate or derivative of those six bars.

So take six of your favorite fishing rods and see how close they are to this bass fishing rod set.

Which Is More

This six-piece combo will allow you to catch plenty of bass with a variety of patterns in a variety of weather conditions, seasons, fishing types and situations. Basically, it offers a powerful mix of contact baits (worms, jigs, shaky heads) and reaction baits (topwaters, jerkbaits, crankbaits, spinnerbaits).

Apparently, after 25 years of buying tackle, I’ve amassed a lot of good clones because when I figure out the bass are on a crankbait bite, I have four crankbait rods at the ready and can give them several different looks.

But when you first start looking for bass, you’ll only need one or two of those specific reaction baits and keep rotating them around until you figure out what the bass want. Then, as you start to figure out that they are on a certain type of reaction bait or a certain type of contact bait, you can bring duplicate rods into play.

What Type Of Rod And Reel For Bass Fishing

But when I first started out, the six bars served me well over the years. And even now, I’ve had several trips with four or six rods on the deck when the bite was really good. If you have multiple rods, looking back at the rod and reel matrix can be a good exercise to find six productive combos.

The Best Spinning Reels For Bass In 2023

My favorite days are actually the days when I only have one rod on deck and everything else is stored in the rod locker. However, bases often change and we have to constantly test the gameplay of our presentation to match the mood of the base. Besides, we have all these fun toys, and it seems a shame to keep them in the plano box for so long.

How many bass rod and reel combos do you use on an average fishing trip? How many of us want to be “comfy” during a fishing trip without having to always re-tie our bait? Choosing the right fishing gear can be quite a daunting task these days. There are now dozens of rod companies. Furthermore, each rod company typically makes multiple rod series, and within each rod series there are often 10 to 12 different actions. So there are literally thousands of options when choosing a bar.

Mixing all your reel, line and bait choices creates countless combinations. There are literally countless. No matter how stubborn you try to count, by the time you get to the end, there will already be hundreds of products on the market. The bass fishing gear market is constantly exploding and expanding.

Today we will simplify load search. Here are three versatile fishing rods that will allow you to use 85% of your skills to fish at least reasonably well.

Best Fishing Rod And Reel Combos Of 2023

This is the standard for diversity. You can fish just about anything on a 7′ medium heavy casting rod. Of course, there are skill-specific loads that will do slightly better with certain skills, like cranking for example. For example, just because I’m trying to strap on a Strike King 10XD doesn’t mean I’m saying a 7-inch medium heavy can handle it. But anything from a square-billed to a 17-foot diver can do pretty well with this rod.

For things like punching thick mats, you’ll need to get a load of specific techniques, but a 7′ medium heavy will work for about half of the techniques you use. It can be used to fish all baits more properly: shaky heads, Texas rigs, lipless cranks, topwaters, crankbaits, chatterbaits, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, wakebaits, swimbaits, scrungers and more.

To turn the most versatile rod into the most versatile combo, I like to use a 7:1 gear ratio baitcaster, which is the most versatile reel. Reels in the 7:1 range are the perfect partner for a 7′ casting rod because they are functionally identical. You can slow your retriever down a bit or speed it up to get where you need to be for the right action on dozens of lures. This combo also works well with fluoro, braid, and monofilament lines, adding a wide range of functionality. And when choosing line for this setup, 12 to 15 pound test is ideal for mono and fluoro and no more than 30 pound test for braid.

What Type Of Rod And Reel For Bass Fishing

I was torn between the 7-foot heavy and the 7-foot 3-inch medium heavy for my second recommendation here. The 7′ Heavy won for one special reason: power fishing. Using slightly stiffer bars on top of slightly longer bars can fill in even more skill gaps.

Which Daiwa Reel Should You Choose For Bass?

For example, a 7′ heavy action rod makes a great frog rod. And it’s perfect for light flipping around sparse, open covers. It provides a bit more backbone for offshore fishing with a big jig or Texas rig worm. It’s also a great rod for a swim jig if you’re working around fairly thick cover. While not as versatile as the 7′ Medium Heavy, it does a great job of carrying the baton and covering certain areas where the 7′ Medium Heavy is not sufficient.

I’d like to keep this rod in a 7:1 ratio again to keep it as versatile as possible. However, if you want to pair it with other reels to give it a bit more versatility in your overall arsenal, you’ll want to speed it up to an 8:1 gear ratio reel. This is very sweet for flippers and frogs. And for line, I recommend using 17-pound test and hanging in the 15- to 20-pound range with fluoro in most cases. And I feel pretty comfortable with 40-50 pound braid using this rod.

At the beginning of this article I mentioned that I would be covering three fishing rods that can handle about 85% of your fishing needs. The 7′ medium heavy handled most of the workload at 50%. I would then say that the 7′ heavy rods split the remaining 35% with the 6′ 9″ medium action spinning rods, each taking about 17.5% of the total workload.

A 6′ 9″ medium action spinning rod serves as a suitable tool for dozens of fine techniques, but can fish drop shots and Ned rigs really well, the two most important. Slightly longer or stiffer spinning rods are better suited to other bass fishing techniques. It is the effectiveness of this load using these two technologies that prevents me from recommending it.

Rod & Reel

If you’re going to put a spinning rod in a group of only three rods, it has to be a rod that can handle drop shots and Ned rigs well. Because these are two of the most effective and versatile virtuoso techniques available today. but you can too


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