What Type Of Rod Is Best For Bass Fishing – When choosing the best bass rods and the best bass rod and reel combos, there’s only one thing to consider: Will it catch big bass? If the answer is yes, it is a good rod.

Unfortunately, answering that question isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are thick rods, thin rods, long rods and short rods. When it comes to fishing rods, there are as many different types of rods as there are juvenile jokes about having a big rod.

What Type Of Rod Is Best For Bass Fishing

What Type Of Rod Is Best For Bass Fishing

However, when it comes to bass fishing equipment, we can narrow the field down quite a bit. For bass it can be a baitcasting rod or a spinning rod.

The Best Spinnerbait Rod In 2023 (buyer’s Guide)

With a baitcasting rod, the reel and guide are located on top of the rod instead of underneath. This means that there is more pulling power as the fish pulls towards the rod rather than against the guides. So, the baitcaster has an advantage for big fish.

Baitcasting rods are longer than spinning rods. This allows them to further broadcast and control excessive lures. However, length and weight mean sacrificing control and accuracy.

Spinning rods are common, especially for beginners, as they are easier to control and therefore easier to learn. Reels and guides are on the underside of the rod. The guides are larger because the line comes off the reel in different directions.

Because of this, baitcasting rods are longer than their spinning rod cousins. However, spinning rods are good for light lures and better for short, precise casts. Match a spinning reel with a long rod, it can be a strong pair.

Best Bass Fishing Rods

Not surprisingly, many of the best fishing rods come from Japan. The island nation is known for its seafood as well as quality produce. Put the two together and it’s a recipe for great fishing gear. So check out the best bass rods and reels money can buy.

SHIMANO rods are the best on the market and should be considered by everyone from novice to expert. Shimano makes a wide range of rods for those who have done this once or twice, from small spinners to large professional poles.

They are also a little easier on the wallet. St. Croix rods are some of the best on the market, and they cost hundreds of dollars. St. Croix rods are serious gear for serious anglers. For the rest, there are cheaper options that are still good rods.

What Type Of Rod Is Best For Bass Fishing

When looking for bass gear, don’t shy away from pre-packaged combos. There’s a reason companies make these. No one knows which reel pairs best with each rod better than the people who make them.

Bass Lure Rods

Additionally, a smart shopper can save a few dollars on each piece when buying as a unit. As these types of rigs become more and more popular, there are many options, from collapsible travel setups to pro-grade rigs.

For example, a PENN rod and reel combo is available for everything from a $40 kit to hundreds of dollars for an expert kit. An angler can stay updated in the same company and style as he or she learns.

For those looking for a slightly harder core that needs the best bass rods, the Johnny Morris Signature Series Bass Caster Baitcast Reel/Signature Series II Trigger Rod Combo is hard to beat. It comes in at less than $400 for the kit. It is well made and reliable for years of fishing.

For those looking for a baitcasting combo, the GSX tournament low-profile casting combo is a great place to start. This rod and reel setup will keep it’

Get On The Fish With The Best Bass Fishing Rods

If the cost of high-end gear is daunting, rest easy. Finding a good bass fishing rod and reel combo under $100 is entirely possible. Frequent readers of Rusty Angler know we have a soft spot for cheap gear.

For the most part, even a professional angler doesn’t have an extra $2,500 for a DAIWA Basiair Z45 Premium rod. Yes, that’s the price of the stick alone! Even professionals need fishing gear at low prices.

“No worries,” I hear. “I can go down to Walmart and pick up some cheap rods and reels.” From everyone who likes fishing, please don’t. Cheap gear in the fishing world is broken gear. A broken gear is an empty net on the way home.

What Type Of Rod Is Best For Bass Fishing

For example, the Pflueger Trion Spinning Rod and Reel Combo comes in at less than $60. It’s higher-end cousin, Cabela’s Pflueger President Tourney Trail Spinning Combo can be found for less than a hundred bucks.

Best Crankbait Rods Of 2023

For a more name-recognized product, Abu Garcia makes a lot of quality sticks that are available at a lower price than Benjamin. Both the Abu Garcia Black Max Combo and the Abu Garcia Pro Max Baitcasting Combo are exceptional bargains.

Additionally, an angler can start with a spinner and then graduate to a baitcaster without changing styles or companies.

Finally, any article about the best bass rods and reels wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Shakespeare.

For those who travel and fish, the Shakespeare Travelmate 6’6″ Rod and Reel Combo is a must-have. Solid, reliable, and complete with its own box and small tackle kit, this is a road warrior’s dream. Plus, the entire kit is available for under $50 .

Custom Jig Rod For Bass Fishing

Here at Rusty Angler we believe in free fishing gear fishing giveaways, including giving our readers great bass fishing tips for fall or summer. Fishing is big business. So enter Rusty Angler’s current giveaways and come back each day for more entries for your chance to win high-quality, free fishing gear! I often ask myself how many rods and reels I have. The short answer is too much. For guys like me, there must be an “anglers anonymous” group somewhere. I want to try the latest bass fishing toys. Even before that I

To try out these toys and report them, so you know which toys you should be playing with, I had this nervousness when I went to the tackle shop and there was a new bass fishing rod for which I had an insatiable appetite.

After confessing my fetish for feather-light fishing combos, the next question that usually follows is “How many rod and reel combos should I buy?” to go

What Type Of Rod Is Best For Bass Fishing

Six. Yes, it is an exact science. Well sometimes nothing is perfect in fishing, but in bass fishing I think the six will bring most guys where they need to be in their competitive nature, whether it’s against bass or other bass anglers in their club. In fact I probably have six rods stuffed in rod gloves per rod tube in my Ranger rod locker and another 20 in other tubes.

Choosing The Best Lure Rod For Bass Fishing

But often, I start stacking my deck of rods when I’m not sure what the fish are doing, and I start to realize that in about 90 percent of the situations I’m only getting 4, 5 or 6 rods. . That’s fishing clear water upland Ozark impoundments like Beaver Lake or Table Rock Lake. That’s Tennessee River fishing like Guntersville, Kentucky and Pickwick Lakes. Whether that’s muddy grass fisheries like Lake Dardanelle on the Arkansas River or clear grass fisheries further north like Champline, New York.

I never seem to go more than 6 rods when I try to spot bass. Almost everything after that is a duplicate or derivative of those six rods.

So take your six favorite rods and see how close they are to this base fishing rod set.

You can do a lot of bass fishing with these six combinations with different patterns in most weather conditions, seasons, fishing types and conditions. It basically gives you a solid mix of contact baits (worm, jig, shaky head) and reaction baits (topwater, jerkbait, crankbait, and spinnerbaits).

Best Jerkbait Rods For Fishing

Obviously after 25 years of buying tackle, I’ve collected a lot of duplicates because when I realize the bass are on a crankbait bite, I can rig up four crankbait rods and give them different looks.

But when you first set out to find bass, all you really need is one or two reaction baits and cycle through them until you find what the bass want. Then when you start to recognize that they are on some kind of reaction bait or some kind of contact bait you can run your duplicate rods.

But when I started, six rods served me well for many years. Even now I’ve had a few trips where four or six rods were on deck when I was in a good groove. If you have a bunch of rods, go back through your rod and reel matrix

What Type Of Rod Is Best For Bass Fishing

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