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It’s that time of year again. No, we’re not talking about the new season of “The Bachelor.” We are talking about tax season. And all the accompanying papers. There are many types of forms, and you may need a few of them to file your tax return by April 18.

When Do You Need To File Taxes

When Do You Need To File Taxes

That depends on your financial situation. Read: If you are employed full-time, self-employed, an investment activity, etc. There are several common tax forms you can expect to receive:

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If you earned more than $600 from an employer at any time last year, they are required to send you a W-2. This shows how much income you earned, how much tax was deducted from your paycheck, information on certain benefits, and more. If you are missing a W-2 form, you may have to go online to file it, or it may be mailed to the wrong address. Talk to your HR department to resolve it.

If you’ve earned a side income, or are self-employed, there’s a good chance you’ll need a 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC to file your taxes. Tip: The difference comes in whether you are subject to self-employment taxes or not. If you are, you will receive a 1099-NEC. If you are not, you will receive a 1099-MISC. If you worked for a company as a contractor, the company’s HR department will make sure you get the right form.

Did you receive unemployment benefits in 2022? If so, you will receive a 1099-G from the government. Because yes, unemployment benefits are taxable income.

This form is used to report most types of interest income (think: savings accounts, savings bonds, etc.). The interest you earn on these accounts is included in your ordinary income and is taxed at the same rate as your income. You will only pay additional taxes if you receive capital gains, interest, or dividends that exceed $200,000 as a single filer or $250,000 for a couple filing jointly.

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You will receive a 1099-DIV if you received a gain on the stock you held. Or if the mutual fund you own distributes capital gains to you. If these conditions do not apply, do not worry about this form. But you may want to check with your investment company if you think it’s missing.

Do you have student loans? If so, and you paid interest, you will receive a 1098-E. You may be able to deduct this amount from your taxes, depending on your income. Generally, this form is downloaded from your server’s website.

If you paid more than $600 in interest on your mortgage, a 1098 form is likely due. There should be one form for every loan you have. If you have not paid $600 in interest, you may not receive this form.

When Do You Need To File Taxes

Did you get health insurance through the federal marketplace? If so, you will need this form. You can access healthcare.gov by logging into your account.

Most Americans File Their Taxes Online, But Many Still Worry About Security

College or tuition payments this year? If so, you will receive a 1098-T. This form comes from the school and shows the total amount you have paid for tuition and other eligible tuition costs such as fees and required costs for courses.

Do you have a business that takes credit or debit card payments or processes $20,000 worth of transactions on a payment app like Venmo, Zelle, or CashApp? If so, you may receive this form for the 2022 filing year. Even if your business does not meet this standard, you may receive a 1099-K form in the mail if you sold personal goods. Psst… that rate is expected to drop to $600 in the 2023 tax year.

Tax season begins on January 23 and ends on April 18. Make sure you have all the forms you need to report your income to the IRS correctly. You

Amend your tax return if you receive a late form, but it’s difficult. Having all your forms organized before you hit “file” will help save you a lot of time and trouble in the future.

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There are many tax forms, but some are more common than others. You’ll probably need to look for a W-2 from your employer or any 1099 if you’re self-employed or earn more than $600 from a single company. Then look at other forms that apply to your life and financial situation. If your tax bill is incorrect, please file an objection using the “Object to Assessment” digital service at myTax Portal.

You can pay tax through GIRO to enjoy up to 12 interest-free installments per month or opt for a single GIRO deduction per year.

Sign up to enjoy the convenience of anytime, anywhere access with Electronic Documents! An SMS will be sent to notify you when your electronic tax bill is ready to view on MyTax Portal. You will not receive paper bills.

When Do You Need To File Taxes

If you would like to continue receiving paper notices, log into the myTax Portal and update your notice preferences using “Account” > “Update Notice Preferences” > ‘Paper Notice Selection’.

The Perfect Guide To Every Annoying Tax Question You Have

If you have updated your Singapore mobile number, you will receive an SMS alert when your tax bill is due. To update your mobile number, log into the tomyTax Portal using your Singpass or Singpass Foreign User Account (SFA), and click ‘Update Contact Details’.

2. I am at GIRO. Why is my bank account being debited when I don’t receive a tax bill?

When you enter the GIRO payment system, your tax installments will run from May of each year to April of the following year, based on your Provisional Payment Plan (PIP).

Your PIP is calculated based on the tax you pay in the previous Year of Assessment (YA). PIP allows you to enjoy a maximum of 12 months.

How To File An Extension For Taxes With Form 4868

Tax categories will be reviewed once the current tax bill is finalized. The tax installments you have paid will be used to reduce the tax assessed and the installments for the remaining months will be adjusted.

Overpayments, if any, will be automatically refunded. You do not need to apply for a refund.

If you would like to revise your PIP to an amount closer to your actual tax, please email us.

When Do You Need To File Taxes

3. What should I do when I receive a tax bill? You need to check that your income details and benefits claims are correct on your tax bill. If you have other income that is not shown on your tax bill or if your relief claims are incorrect, please report any discrepancies through the digital service “Item Assessment” on the inmyTax Portal within 30 days from the date of your tax bill.

New Tax Deadline 2022: When Are Taxes Due This Year?

You may be eligible for the D-NOA initiative if you only have self-employment income in 2022. You do not need to file an income tax return. Your tax bill will be calculated based on your employer-paid income and benefit claims for the previous year.

Please check your tax bill to make sure it is correct. You have a legal obligation to report any incorrect information on your income and/or relief claims on your tax bill. There are penalties if you don’t.

*When claiming the tax deduction, please note that there is a total personal income tax deduction of $80,000.

You can use the digital service “Assessment Item” atmyTax Portalto file an objection for any of the following purposes:

What Age Do You Have To File Taxes?

With this digital service, you will be able to see the pre-filled values ​​of the original tax assessment and easily change them. After that, you’ll be able to see a consolidated view of revised income, deductions and deductions and get instant acknowledgments when you submit objections. We will provide you with a revised tax bill (digital/paper) or update you on the rejection status within 10 working days.

You may watch these videos on how to amend your income tax bill online to claim the child credit:

Alternatively, you can email us at myTax Mail. To do so, log into the MyTax Portal using your Singpass or Singpass Foreign User Account (SFA), and click on MyTax Mail followed by ‘New Question’.

When Do You Need To File Taxes

Please contact your employer directly to seek clarification. If there are any subsequent changes, your employer will pass on the details of the changes. will send you a revised tax bill.

Do You Need To File Taxes Every Year?

Income tax is payable within 1 month from the date of your tax bill. You can pay your tax at GIRO, AXS station or Internet Banking. Most of our taxpayers pay their taxes through GIRO. Learn more about different payment methods.

Taxpayers facing financial difficulties are advised to contact them to discuss a suitable payment plan, when they receive their tax bills. If you are paying with GIRO, you can appeal for a longer payment plan using the ‘Request Payment Plan’ digital service on MyTax Portal using Singpass.

GIRO is a hassle-free way to pay your taxes. You can choose to pay with interest-free monthly GIRO installments (up to 12 months) or one (yearly) GIRO deduction. Learn more about GIRO.

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