When Do You Put Your Dog Down – Some of the most worrying signs are the inability to breathe normally and eat or drink. Another sign is the inability to get up to perform routine tasks such as getting to one’s food or water bowl and the failure to get up to avoid soiling oneself.

Some vets will nod and tell you that you will know, and others will throw out the quality of life based on your dog’s physical and mental well being when you need to take down your dog control.

When Do You Put Your Dog Down

When Do You Put Your Dog Down

The truth is that in most cases, it is a combination of both of these approaches that will give you the answer you are looking for.

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Most veterinary professionals will refrain from giving their personal opinion about putting your dog down. They will instead tell you what they see from a veterinary perspective.

They will follow this with a series of questions that are generally called the “Quality of Life Scale” (originally developed by Dr. Alice Villalobos of

Why are vets so reluctant to give personal opinions when it comes to putting your dog to sleep?

You may be wondering why vets – even a vet you’ve known for decades – trust the quality of life when answering your questions about your dog’s sleep.

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The reason for this is almost always because your vet feels that as your dog’s guardian, you have a more intimate knowledge of their complete well-being.

Your vet can tell you what the tests say; they can tell you what they see. But those things are based on a single moment in time.

As senior or dying dogs approach their final months (or even years), our pets experience good days and bad days.

When Do You Put Your Dog Down

Only someone who experiences the totality of those good and bad moments and who has seen that same dog in healthier stages of its life can form a complete picture of the animal’s current well-being.

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The “quality of life scale” helps your vet assess whether your pet is physically healthy and able to continue its life, but it also encourages you to think about your dog’s actual quality of life based on which you can create the “when to put”. down your dog list.”

Sometimes, pet parents are in denial about their dog’s current quality of life – usually because they fear losing their four-legged companion – but the numerical value generated by the quality of life provides a less subjective reference.

While some owners view when to take down your dog’s control as a “pedestrian” issue, the quality of life is closer to a scientific approach made and viewed by veterinarians, which objectively measures the real quality of life of your dog by quantifying seven important. factors of your dog’s general well-being.

Each factor is rated on a 1-10 scale, and the seven numerical values ​​are then added together to get a number between 1-100.

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In addition to the quality of life scale, this site has a unique questionnaire for pet owners to decide when to put down a dog, with several personal questions to answer.

The Ohio State University also has a thorough survey and questionnaire to help pet owners determine when it’s time to put a dog down:

However, the veterinarians’ quality of life scale also considers seven additional factors along with the numerical scale for better evaluation:

When Do You Put Your Dog Down

If they are in pain, is that pain manageable with veterinary care or pet pain medication 75% of the time?

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If medication does not help relieve the dog’s pain, how often would you estimate that your pet is in pain?

Pain is the first and most important aspect of putting down your dog’s control and life scale to consider, and the rest of the evaluation will come along with this factor.

A score of 1 indicates that your dog is in pain most of the time and that pain cannot be alleviated with medication or other medical intervention.

A score of 5 indicates that your dog does experience pain, but that pain is managed with medication 75% of the time or more.

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A score of 10 indicates that your dog is experiencing no pain at all or experiencing minimal normal age-related pain.

If they are slow or reluctant to eat, how much interest do they show in food or eating in general?

If they refuse food or vomit/have diarrhea regularly, are they getting enough food, or do you have to hand feed them or use other methods (feeding tube) for feeding to ensure adequate nutrition?

When Do You Put Your Dog Down

When assessing your dog’s hunger, it’s important to consider that your puppy may be experiencing nausea as a side effect of medication or illness.

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If you think this may be the case, talk to your vet about anti-nausea medications that may be able to relieve nausea and increase your dog’s appetite.

A score of 1 indicates that your dog refuses to eat regularly and that you notice subtle signs of weight loss or signs of malnutrition.

A score of 5 indicates that your dog is eating a little slower than usual, often splitting one meal into several parts or simply not finishing a meal as before.

It can also indicate that your dog is eating quite well, but doesn’t want to eat a few times a week.

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Is there a reasonable medical explanation for this change if their thirst has changed, or is your dog just not interested in drinking?

Similar to considering appetite for when to take your dog’s check, when assessing your dog’s thirst, consider that your dog may be experiencing side effects from pain or other medications, symptoms of another health condition, or nausea causing them to drink more or less. than usual.

A score of 1 indicates that your dog is refusing to drink and is showing signs of dehydration.

When Do You Put Your Dog Down

A score of 5 indicates that your dog is drinking water but that their usual drinking patterns have changed.

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If they experience loss of bladder or bowel control, are they mobile, or do they spend time sitting or lying in their own feces?

Hygiene plays a vital role in your dog’s overall health and is crucial to eliminating the concerns of controlling your dog.

If, however, your dog is unable to stand or walk, it may experience pressure sores that can lead to serious infection.

If your dog is incontinent and unable to stand or walk, they are also at risk of urinary burn or fecal contamination of pressure ulcers.

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A score of 1 indicates that your dog may spend a lot of time lying in their own litter, or they may not be able to urinate or defecate without your help.

They may have pressure sores that often cause infection or have a rapidly growing and inoperable tumor or mass-causing tissue necrosis or infection.

A score of 5 indicates that your dog may have problems with elimination, may have periodic incontinence, or may have difficulty with mobility but still can move on its own regularly.

When Do You Put Your Dog Down

Does your dog still respond to you with enthusiasm – tail wagging, coming to greet you at the door and other regular behavior?

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When assessing your dog’s overall happiness to take down your dog checkup, it’s important to consider signs of canine cognitive dysfunction.

Like dementia in humans, many older dogs develop symptoms of CCD that can be relieved by modifications to their routine and prescription medication.

If your dog shows a pattern in his withdrawn, depressed or anxious behavior, ask your vet if CCD could be a factor.

A score of 1 indicates that your dog is unhappy, depressed, anxious and no longer enjoys what they used to enjoy.

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A score of 5 indicates that your dog experiences “bad days” or periods of anxiety or depression, but in general, they still enjoy what they used to.

Does your dog have trouble standing up, or can he get up without help and dog mobility equipment?

A score of 5 indicates that your dog is moving slower than they once were (they may have trouble with stairs, etc.), but they are still independent and able to stand or walk alone or with a harness for guidance or assistance.

When Do You Put Your Dog Down

A score of 10 indicates that your dog is fully mobile with no hindrances to their mobility.

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As the final consideration for taking down your dog control, you need to compare the past with the present.

Did they have more good days than bad, an equal number of each, or more bad days than good?

A score of 1 indicates that your dog has very few good days compared to their bad days.

A score of 10 indicates that your dog lives as his “normal self” with no (or very few) bad days during the year.

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More than simply when to drop off your dog’s check, the vets quality of life scale for dogs gives pet parents a numerical value that can help determine their elderly or sick dog’s current quality of life.

Therefore, it is also important to consider another factor when putting your dog down – your experience as a bonded guardian of your dog.

Here comes the subjective of a more regular pet, when to put down your dog list.

When Do You Put Your Dog Down

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