Where's The Best Place To Invest Your Money – I only buy Lululemon stuff when I’m in Australia or Canada! I will never buy from any SG store or Asian site! If you can get it from Aus/Canada for at least half the price, it’s a bargain!! Also, the rates are in our favor right now!!

This Lululemon Outlet in Melbourne is located in Collingwood! The store is quite large and everything is sorted by size. Size 4-6 is the common size, so there is very little variety of designs left. However, sizes 10-18 have a ton of options to choose from, and it’s a lot cheaper! Most items for this size range were priced between AUD 29-64!

Where's The Best Place To Invest Your Money

Where's The Best Place To Invest Your Money

They also had an accessories section, some of which I noticed had the same design as the non-outlet stores. & the price was cheaper 🌚 I bought a fringe breaker headband and a cross trainer headband at a discounted price at the outlet mall!

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Best of all, if you spend more than AUD 300, you can claim 10% of airport taxes! 🤗

*After my conversion it was SGD 463.58!! That’s a big difference! Conversion rates for Aus are currently in our favor and have been for about a month!*

How I get half price lululemon in SG! Recently, a good friend of mine introduced me to buy and sell. Because good things are meant to be shared 😎✨🤘🏻 And I know #adulting101 is hard, so I’m here to give you the #bestdeals and how to get your lululemon for a fraction of the price compared to lululemon Singapore 👀💳. website Nina Neooo 845 likes

Where to get CHEAPER lululemon ( I SAVED $49?) ✈️🙅‍♀️🚷hey guys! fly walk… if you’re a lululemon girl like me, I feel you. Everyone knows lululemon is expert, so I’m here to share my newest tip: buy from lululemon aus! 1. sg currency is stronger than aus rn! 1 SGD = 1.15 AUD. this makes it most valuable 2. aus unidays 10% disc (only 41 likes)

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LULULEMON’S NEW ALIGN TOPS ARE A MUST HAVE(๑ > ᴗ <)If you haven't tried Lululemon's viral align range you are missing out !!!!!!😭😭😭 I wasn't a fan of the align tank bc it took me so long but I'm its inner seamstress I went to get replaced by and it's FREE !!!! You can simply visit any outlet to exchange any of your lulu items! One yuki ⋆˚✿˖° 141 likes

WHERE TO SHOP IN HONG KONG 🇭🇰✨✿✿✿ International Financial Center ✿✿✿ This mall is huge! Full of all branded stores !! BRANDY MELVILLE HERE🤭🤭🤭 Most stores are available in SG (ie Zara, Sephora, Longchamp, etc.) Exit A at Central Station near the nearest MTR: Hong Kong, Central — green, red, yellow, blue lines! yuki ⋆˚✿˖° 141 likes

Lululemon sale way (Japan for cheap deals) so if you’re here take advantage of the discount + cheap yen + tax free for the cheapest discounts at lululemon!!🫢 Energy longline size 4 I love all the energy bras but I don’t think the orange one was for me haha ​​​​​​it’s a nice shade but probably not for my skin tone!🫢 Mandy Wong 43 likes

Where's The Best Place To Invest Your Money

MY CHOICES FOR LULULONE AS A GRADUATE, I worked at (cult favorite) lululemon 🍋 for almost a year! MY FAVORITE items that I think are worth every dollar after a year of impulse and regret purchases 💰 💜💜 ALIGN TANK need I say anything??? – basically bra + tank in one!! – Versatile (workout, breakfast, religion michy 🧚🏼‍♀️ 81 likes

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WHERE TO SHOP IN PERTH 🇦🇺Hello everyone! 🍋 I’m just back home from Perth and I’d like to kick off the itinerary by giving you a shopping guide! #SavourTheMoment I’ve put together a short list of places to shop for different purposes so you can see which ones are worth going to, , , , or ti celeste 。・:* ♡ 30 likes

An honest experience at jb premium outlet 🌞I decided to visit Johor Premium Outlets after seeing people’s posts about the products they bought from Lululemon that looked so tempting. Sharing my honest experience at JPO — 🛍️ Deals: Had higher hopes for the variety of products available, esp. lulu 🙁 Most of the items on sale were more printed nat 39 likes

Top 3 DEFINITELY buys from lulu 🍋💛As a Lululemon educator with 1438580 products from Lulus (jk), these are my top 3 loves💛 My stats for reference: 156cm, 47kg Usually size 2 for bottoms/XS for /S for tops 1. Groove HR Split-Hem Flared Pants Asia Fit Lulus groove pants no extra rave needed, , , ma cynderellyy 47 likes

Jotto! read this b4 you bought that new bag 🤓looking for a new bag? Read this before you click checkout 🛒🛒🛒 I’ve been looking for a good school/work bag for a long time I’ve always struggled to find a big bag that fits my whole life but doesn’t look like an auntie 😖😖 fyi i 13 inch macbook, 10 inch ipad, my umb nat•ᴗ• 158 likes

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Getting the best deals at lululemon jpo Ever wanted to own some lululemon but it’s all out of your budget? One way to get some lululemon for less is to cut the in-store prices, but they’re quickly removed from the shelves. Another option you can explore is to go to johor premium outlet store! I liked 49

$100-$200 for a piece of activewear, why should you? 💸Before I met lululemon, I was a girl who shopped for peaches on shopee or taobao. because I also thought it was good to buy activewear every 1-2 months. but ever since i was given my first lulu it changed my whole life 😱 one jiaxian didn’t exaggerate completely with 69 likes

You have to buy it. 🥹👍🏼🏃🏻‍♀️I was mindlessly scrolling through TikTok when I came across someone wearing these shorts and immediately knew I had to buy them. I went to the physical store itself so I could try and get the right size, the store I went to was a Vivo City outlet. FIT LIKE A DREAM. I got 367 likes

Where's The Best Place To Invest Your Money

✧˖*° DON’T BUY A HYDROFLASK *° ✧˖I love buying water bottles so I bought both hehe. I personally own 4 hydroflasks because I’ve heard how good it is and the colors are so pretty, but NO, it’s not worth the $$. I bought a white hydroflask with a marble rubber base for about SGD 100. It was very nice and the store yuki said ⋆˚✿˖° 141 likes

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Neighborinyourhood – The art scene at SGI has been a loyal follower of oak and bindi Lydia Young. Local graphic designer and illustrator in Singapore. Having worked for companies such as Lululemon, Esquire and Apple, his illustrations and larger-than-life murals are widely recognized in the local creative scene. Neighborinyourhood, its r xuan🎧 270 likes

Run to LULULEMON OUTLET in JB! 💸 DISCOUNT WAY ❤️LULULEMON OUTLET indahpura suite no. 718 johor premium outlet 81000 kulai johor malaysia if you know me i love good deals! 😜 You can always find me shopping online for the best deals, as well as going in-store to get limited edition items! I always knew shanice liked 249

Is lululemon really cheaper in canada? I went to Canada, the land of lululemon! where it came from ~~ and I made sure to visit every store I could find……. This is what I can summarize from lululemon in Canada 🇨🇦 There are no lululemon outlets in Vancouver, so all stores are normal retail stores. Even in the speech ✿ ✿ got 21 likes

Budget vs Bougie Activewear | 💸Worth the $$$? Hi 👋🏻 this is it for me again! I wanted to share some of my favorite activewear that I bought that 💪🏻 keep me motivated to do pilates 💖 ✨ Lululemon ✨ BOUGIE 🤑 I bought mine at Takashimaya’s Outlet 📍 391B orchard road, Level 3-12B, material is good 👍🏻 padding doesn’ joeleneschoice 61 likes

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Essentials from a lululemon teacher 🤸🏻‍♀️After working at lululemon last year, I regretted the purchase… 😔 but it also means I’ve found my timeless pieces. here are some items that I will never stop recommending to all my friends and guests! It’s so hard to pick my favourites, but jingyi🌷 200 likes What do you think are the best things to do in Dubai? You have come to the right place. I’m a local, let me tell you what to do in Dubai for the trip of a lifetime!

Dubai has a lot to offer and when I say a lot… I mean it. From breathtaking beaches to vast deserts, world-record-breaking buildings, cutting-edge technology and thrilling water parks, this bustling city is full of entertainment options.

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Where's The Best Place To Invest Your Money


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