“a Partner In Justice: Mutual Benefits Of The Lawyer-client Relationship” – The Basel Institute for Governance and Transparency International Ukraine have jointly issued anti-corruption advice for leaders attending the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC2022) in Lugano, Switzerland.

At the July 4-5 Ukraine Recovery Conference in Lugano, Switzerland, leaders from around the world are expected to pledge billions to fund Ukraine’s post-war recovery and reconstruction.

“a Partner In Justice: Mutual Benefits Of The Lawyer-client Relationship”

Every reconstruction effort creates a huge potential for corruption. Anti-corruption was high on Ukraine’s political agenda before the war. But even with significant reforms since 2014, the country is far from ready to withstand the inevitable onslaught of kleptocrats, organized crime groups and corrupt officials at all levels who see the Ukrainian tragedy as a golden opportunity.

Mutual Of America

Together with Transparency International Ukraine, we at the Basel Institute for Governance have developed recommendations for leaders who will gather in Lugano. Representatives from our organizations will be there to support the reforms we recommend.

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When Good Good Good launched in 2015, we always knew that our goal was to reach as many people as possible with real good news (not just feel good news). Over time, our team and audience grew, but our mission to find helpers and inspire new ones never changed.

When it came time to expand our work beyond social media and the print Goodnewspaper to create a content-forward website, we wanted to find a creative agency that aligned with our values ​​and had extensive experience in building long-lasting brands.

Enter Minneapolis-based Moon March: a creative agency that works with causes, campaigns and companies that are building a better future.

This year, Good Good Good is partnering with Moon March to transform our website into a powerful online magazine.

Campaign Partners — People’s Campaign For Parole Justice

We are truly excited about the impact this site has had on our mission to help people feel more hopeful and do more good. And we are proud of the creative journey that Lunar March has taken to this point.

“What I loved about Moon March was that they had an interesting perspective and an angle that I thought was really compelling. And they focus on brands that do good. Their empathy and understanding of mission-driven businesses really brought out that value. They really understood what we were talking about, even when we failed to fully communicate it. ” – Branden Harvey, founder of Good Good Good

Prior to starting Moon March, Josh Chambers spent 10 years in marketing and entrepreneurship, including at an award-winning fintech start-up. He led strategy for major agencies in New York and worked with clients such as Reebok, Viacom, Ninja Turtles, Google, Advil, Puma and more.

Josh’s background as an entrepreneur combined with leading global brands gave him a clear vision of the type of agency he wanted to run and the clients he wanted to help achieve their goals. Like Good Good Good, Josh wanted to make a difference in the world for the better—and now he works with companies that do just that.

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You can get to know Josh in person on our podcast episode with him about navigating change as an opportunity for growth. Josh is also a leading coach and expert in navigating the difficult path between one life stage and the next.

“I build teams around specific projects and use a SWAT team approach. So sometimes a project can have about fifteen people, sometimes three people, but only people who have at least ten years of experience and are the best at what they do. ” – Josh Chambers

Before starting the development process, we worked on how best to communicate exactly what Good Good Good does so that our site is clear to our new audiences.

Helped us set a clear goal for the website: We knew what we wanted to do with the website, but Moon March knew best how to get there. “If you were going to compete with other magazines, it had to read and feel like a magazine,” Josh said. “Labs Labs Labs needed to stop looking like a marketing site, but it also needed to stop looking like a blog. it had to be comparable to print, and every print has a legitimate online magazine presence.

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During the evaluation period, Moon March helped us identify what wasn’t working in our messaging on our old site. “As an empathetic outsider, Josh was able to understand and communicate our core values ​​better than we did at the time — and that was one of the main reasons I knew this would make for a great partnership,” said Branden.

Created the brand foundation: Creating a website for Good Good Good required Moon March to really understand us and help solidify our brand strategy—and that started with a lengthy interview process. “The first thing I did was talk to Branden for four hours,” Josh said. “Why did you start this? Where did it come from? What has worked, what hasn’t worked? I boil it down to about six or seven sentences that become the basis for our brand moving forward.

After defining our website goals for the next phase of Moon March, we developed a collaborative plan to create the design.

Decide on key features: Similar to finding the ingredients for a meal, the Moon March team was able to determine what we needed on the site to communicate our brand. Together, we looked at content-based sites (digital media sites like Mother Jones, Supermaker, etc.) to see what attributes aligned with Good Good Good.

Silhouette Of Two Men Are Equal To Standing On The Scales Of Justice. Business Concept Of Mutual Benefit And Success Of Business Partners Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 102340026

Understand our audience: OK OK OK didn’t want a website just for everyone; we wanted a place for people who are looking for real good news and ways to make a meaningful difference. This helped Moon March create a website that spoke to people who are change makers or change makers.

One of the many unique advantages of working with Moon March is that it was a step-by-step process; the team worked with us, so we were involved in the decision making. By keeping an open line of communication, we understood exactly why they were doing what they were doing and why it was best for the good of the good.

Opted for a vibrant color palette: We wanted the site’s aesthetic to be bold, like people making a difference in the world. “Once I got into that color palette, it felt like the illustrations could blend together perfectly,” Josh said. “It’s a nice base. I wanted to keep that blue in the purple, which is mostly for typography. And especially since this is a magazine, color shouldn’t overpower anything.

Paying attention to details: with Lunar March, no detail is too small. For example, they added rounded corners to our website design to make it feel friendlier — and they were right.

For Colored Folks Who Consider Their Mutual Liberation Enough”

Priority Accessibility: We relied on their expertise to ensure that Labi Labi Labi is user-friendly for all users. The Lunar March team helped us navigate all users through the new site, from the typeface to the color scheme.

Thanks to the brains behind Moon March, the new Good Good Good website is everything we imagined and more. Their willingness to work with us to bring our vision to life while lending us their expertise on how best to do it was critical to creating a site that felt authentic and true to goodness.

The series is the second installment of the Animals in Therapy project, which sees celebrities chat with endangered and misunderstood species in a therapy-style video chat environment.

The book takes readers on a composting journey that helps break down the mechanisms of decomposition and hopefully encourages people to choose composting over the myriad of mining and harmful waste disposal methods.

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For combat diving veterans, life after the military may lack a sense of purpose. Now, the nonprofit organization Force Blue is giving veterans a new mission.

Marley Mutts works with California state prisons and pairs male inmates with a rescue dog for three months with the goal of “mutual rehabilitation.” People and the communities of which they are a part are defined as “groups of people bound together by geographical proximity . . . or similar situations to address issues affecting the well-being of these people”—are profoundly affected

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