Averting The Crisis: Innovative Solutions To Address Student Loan Debt – As world leaders meet at the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, how are young people addressing the multifaceted and enormity of this global crisis and what can the world’s youth do to combat climate change?

We asked five young organizers and activists involved in the creation of the Youth Climate Action Challenge what they are doing to address the climate crisis and what other young people can do.

Averting The Crisis: Innovative Solutions To Address Student Loan Debt

Averting The Crisis: Innovative Solutions To Address Student Loan Debt

The youth featured in this article drive action and change through individual work and Hub projects with the Global Shapers community, a network of activists leading initiatives in their communities to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Climate change has been at the forefront of global conversations. As a young person passionate about creating a sustainable future for my generation and my generation, I advocate for climate change awareness through multimedia storytelling and a just transition that leaves no one behind.

Young people like me are taking action against the climate crisis. Youth in Nigeria mobilized to contribute to the country’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) as part of the National Climate Youth Consultation. Yetunde Fadeyi addresses environmental and climate issues through renewable energy through REES Africa and Vectar Energy.

As the global race to zero is underway, governments, leaders, corporations and institutions must provide the necessary opportunities to help youth-led solutions to scale climate action around the world. That’s why it’s important to have programs like Youth Climate Action to gather and support innovative ideas to create a greener and more sustainable world.

The food systems that humanity relies on today are one of the main causes of land cover change and greenhouse gas emissions. We know that this approach has devastating effects on biodiversity, groundwater resources and soil nutrition, but the consequences of the climate crisis will add undue stress to food security around the world, but especially for the most vulnerable communities.

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From personal experience in Lesotho, a small landlocked mountain kingdom in southern Africa, I know that people cannot afford to buy food from supermarkets, but have lost their traditional way of subsistence farming through dam projects, urbanization and prolonged and extreme drought. Through various networks, I learned that young people are demanding and already developing their own food systems. It’s interesting.

My partner and I started permaculture and started a demonstration garden in his home village, and I recently gathered people from African countries to create a vision for a sustainable food system for the continent, inspired by the European Youth Manifesto, led by European youth. better food systems.

Millennials are the generation that will witness humanity’s success or failure in mitigating climate change. We want to be the decision makers that shape the future we live in.

Averting The Crisis: Innovative Solutions To Address Student Loan Debt

Climate change is a systemic upheaval in all areas of society that requires top-down and bottom-up action. One of the keys to success in ensuring a sustainable transformation is to incorporate climate-friendly, socially conscious concepts into the core of the product – circular design.

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At the Global Shaper Beijing hub, we want to explore the topic with a local impact. As part of the Scale360° initiative, the Beijing hub invites local youth to identify tactics for going circular in the food industry through design thinking. Topics include China’s prominent delivery services, popular food wrap-style packages, and the agricultural sector in the value chain. It joins the momentum of the transition to a circular economy in the world’s factory, China, helping the world move to a net-zero future.

People have system, knowledge, technology. Nature has the ability to regenerate. Serving Mother Nature means using our resources for good.

For the first time, we can work together, aligning incentives to make a real difference. Startups can leverage disruptive technologies like satellite imagery, big data, and remote sensing. Companies can commit to net zero or even better, naturally positive production systems. Asset owners and asset managers can choose where to allocate their resources.

Serving Mother Nature means using our resources for good. —Rafael Alonso, downtown Mexico City, Mexico

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This decade is critical to greening our investments and investing in green opportunities. Imagine investing in a portfolio that restores large-scale grasslands across North America, preventing desertification at scale. Imagine entire systems transforming agricultural practices around the rainforests of Latin America. Platforms like Cultivo.Land can bring all stakeholders together to take bold action today. Other innovative efforts, such as Youth Climate Action, are helping to further scale climate action. It’s time for the private sector to get involved. Invest in nature today.

We are facing a wide range of multidimensional global crises in climate, social structure, economy, geopolitical landscape and world health systems. Making changes won’t be easy, but if we take a truly circular approach, we can truly build a better, more inclusive system.

Why think round when you can think donut? Keith Raworth’s Doughtnut Economics led to the Doughtnut Economy Action Lab, where activists can connect, reuse resources and share best practices. From Amsterdam to Tokyo, local communities and governments are accepting the dough. By making the action process more sustainable, activists can better sustain their efforts.

Averting The Crisis: Innovative Solutions To Address Student Loan Debt

Like a circle, bringing stakeholders together enables transformational change. Citizens around the world want alternatives, and innovators are working hard to meet their demands. In Southeast Asia, the Incubation Network implements initiatives that empower entrepreneurs to tackle plastic waste in their communities. In Canada, Kids Code Jeunesse launched the #kids2030 Challenge to educate the world’s youngest stakeholders about the climate crisis. These young people are not satisfied with studying and are looking for their own solutions to solve problems.

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By closing the circle to better use our resources and energy supplies, young activists have the opportunity to accelerate us toward a better, more sustainable future. But they need support to achieve it. Sand plays a strategic role in providing ecosystem services, vital infrastructure for economic development, livelihoods of communities and biodiversity conservation. It is directly or indirectly linked to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Despite the strategic importance of sand, its production, extraction, use and management have many environmental and social consequences that are largely ignored in many regions of the world.

At UNEA 4, the first “Sand and Sustainability in Finding New Solutions for Environmental Management” (2019) raised awareness of this issue, which until recently had been neglected, and started gathering solutions.

Although sand is the most widely used solid material at 50 billion tons per year, global attention to the scale and impact of sand mining remains limited. “Sand and Sustainability: 10 Strategic Recommendations to Avert the Crisis” therefore brings together sand and sustainability expertise from different sectors to focus on the impacts of the current state of production, exploitation and (mis)management. set the global sand agenda in addressing the needs of environmental sustainability alongside equity, justice, technical, economic and political considerations.

This report was compiled with input from global experts on the subject, canvassing through interviews, expert roundtables, and direct input from more than 20 leading authors. It supports three UN Environment Assembly resolutions: Earth’s diversity contributes to the health and quality of human life. It gives us the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the air we breathe. But what do we do to serve the Earth? Human impact reduces the ability of the environment to sustain life due to “rapid human-induced environmental change.” There is no way to avoid the impact we have, but there are ways to reduce it to protect the beauty of the Earth and the many species that inhabit it.

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Let’s take it back to basics, reduce, reuse and recycle. Recycling is the most familiar of the three solutions, but to achieve the greatest positive impact, we need to focus on the other two. Learn to reuse everyday items. The DIY culture has made it possible to recycle almost anything. Use the internet to find out what you can do. Reduction is economically and environmentally beneficial. One way we can reduce that is by being extra careful not to overuse water. Don’t stop watering and shorten lawn sprinkler systems.

We are a part of the ecosystem we live in, so we need to support it. The challenge of humans and nature has never been productive and leads to a destructive mindset. This mindset shift can lead you to be more mindful and respectful of your hiking trails, camping trails, and nature in general. We are meant to enjoy the beauty of nature, but we do not have the right to abuse it.

Invasive species prove their destructive nature by becoming extinct, out-competing other species, and reducing diversity.

Averting The Crisis: Innovative Solutions To Address Student Loan Debt

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