“balancing The Scales: How Lawyers Ensure Fairness And Equity” – Sharon has been invited to the 11th Annual American Film Festival in Russia. The Show Us Festival will run online from June 1st to 30th and will include balancing the weights.

“9 documentaries from the USA and Russia are united by the theme of human genius in all its manifestations. Should it be a talent shown from a young age, as in the case of a culinary prodigy

“balancing The Scales: How Lawyers Ensure Fairness And Equity”

Who opened his first restaurant at the age of 16? Or should it be the unleashed potential of the world’s best athletes in a movie.

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Recently, the US Embassy in Tijuana, Mexico, screened the film “Balancing in the Scales” for both students and lawyers.

Sharon has spearheaded an online discussion about gender equality in the legal profession affecting women lawyers around the world.

Sharon Rowan presents her film to Hanoi University students at an event hosted by the US Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Sharon has been honored by the Georgia Bar for her work in promoting diversity in the legal profession through her award-winning documentary Balancing the Scales.

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The Commitment to Equality Award honors lawyers who strive to create opportunities for underrepresented groups in Georgia.

“I am honored to receive this award for my work in advancing gender equality in the legal profession and for all women around the world.”

In conjunction with the American Film Showcase and the US Department of State, the Balancing the Scales exhibition was opened for viewing, and three virtual programs were held for the Japanese audience. The first, hosted by the US Embassy in Tokyo, was attended by lawyers, businessmen and professors. .

The second was a group of Ritsumeikan University students. The third and final program was organized by the Consulate General in Osaka for female lawyers in this field. Gender equality is a very important topic in Japanese society and both the film and the programs generated a lot of interest.

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The American Film Showcase organizes screenings and workshops with American filmmakers in over 40 countries. AFS is a partnership between the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State and the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.

This film explores the history of women lawyers in the US, why their attempts to break the glass ceiling failed, and what we can do to change cultural attitudes that prevent women from balancing power at the top.

In this video, director Sharon Rowan explains why Balancing on the Scales needed to be filmed. from “Balancing the Scales” on Vimeo.

In this video, director Sharon Rowan explains why Balancing on the Scales was a labor of love and a call to arms.

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I wanted to write to you to tell you how much I enjoyed the women in law program you prepared about 6 weeks ago. I think this is my favorite training I have ever done. I really enjoyed hearing the opinions of women practicing in various areas of the law and enjoyed watching the documentary beforehand. I have since ordered the audio version of Women Don’t Ask and it’s really engaging and helps me rethink and change my career options. In any case, if you happen to chat with the speakers, please tell me how much I liked the presentation.

– An email from an attorney who liked the movie and the remote program sponsored by the Social Law Library in Boston.

Great discussion on gender equality in the legal profession with lawyers and law students across Mexico. Thanks American Film Showcase and @Consulado General de los Estados Unidos en Tijuana

Balancing the Scales is more than a timely documentary – it’s a call to action, forcing everyone to take a frank look at the behavioral norms that continue – 25 years and more – to make the legal industry less hospitable to women than any of us. recognizing. Sharon Rowan’s insightful interviews make it clear that now is the time to start a conversation to change the conversation around the importance of inclusion. Must-see.

Balancing Scales Of Justice For Trainee Lawyers Who Cheated In Bar Exam

On behalf of my daughters, thank you for the work you are doing to open people’s eyes and minds to a long overdue problem that we, as a nation, should have already solved… with any luck, maybe in the next decade before my daughters come out to work it will be possible.

Balancing on the scales is a powerful film. This is a portrait of the challenges women face in the legal profession, based on interviews conducted by Sharon Rowan over the past 24 years. The work of diversity and inclusion is vital, challenging and exciting.

Walmart Screening – August 2017 (L to R) Kerry Kotuk (Senior Vice President of Walmart), Sharon Rowan, Judge Leah Ward Sears (Ret. Georgia Supreme Court)

The creation of Balanceing the Scales combined 35 years of experience as a trial lawyer and 20 years of interviewing women lawyers from all walks of life. Among those interviewed are a US Supreme Court justice, civil rights activists, first-time women to achieve success, and young colleagues who don’t yet understand that the chances of becoming a partner are not much better than winning the lottery. My faith in the law as an instrument of social change began when I passed the bar in 1979, and my passion for gender equality began shortly thereafter when a judge ruled against me solely because he did not believe women should be in the legal profession. practice. I have dedicated my legal career to social justice and the belief that we should all use our time to protect human rights in every possible way. It is my hope that this film will spark a nationwide discussion on topics such as the breaking of the glass ceiling, why women are not considered leaders in our society, and the impossible choices men and women are forced to make between their careers and caring responsibilities.

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Sharon Rowan is a nationally recognized keynote speaker who is dynamic in her approach to clarifying the issue of gender equality in the legal profession. From Harvard University to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Sharon has told the truth about the history of women lawyers in America with humor, openness and passion.

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