“champions Of Democracy: Lawyers’ Benefits In Election Law And Politics” – KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Lawyers for Liberty (LFL), a human rights and legal reform NGO, said it was unacceptable for Malaysia’s new government, which has promised reform, to immediately call for police action against critics of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

“The prime minister has no legal standing to legally appeal to the police to defend his reputation.”

“champions Of Democracy: Lawyers’ Benefits In Election Law And Politics”

In a statement released today (November 30), the LFL added that it would be an abuse of power for the prime minister to order the police to investigate those who have accused him, as he is a interested party.

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The LFL warned that it would be a slippery slope towards authoritarianism if police opened a criminal investigation into every accusation or insult directed at the prime minister.

On November 28, Pakatan Harapan communications director Fahmi Fazl confirmed that Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim had instructed the police to take action against anyone who circulated words defaming the prime minister.

“Anwar has no intention of taking action against those who criticize him or Pakatan Harapan, but we draw a line against the slander and accusations of the actions of Israeli agents,” Fahmi said.

The LFL stressed that Anwar, like all other citizens, should file a defamation suit in civil court if he is unhappy with negative comments.

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The LFL said the job of the police was to prevent crime, not protect the Prime Minister from insults or criticism.

“Anwar Ibrahim and other PH leaders need not be reminded of the illegality and danger of using police powers to protect the prime minister from insult or criticism.”

The LFL recalled that when Najib Razak was prime minister, PH had been subjected to such police operations, especially in relation to the 1MDB incident.

“In fact, the PH has always taken the position that the prime minister’s use of police force to suppress critics is untenable.”

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Hassan Saad, a member of the Baling Islamic Party, was arrested by the police for allegedly calling Anwar an Israeli agent.

“This even goes against Pakatan Harapan’s promise in its manifesto to abolish Section 233. The fact that the police investigation was clearly conducted at Anwar’s behest is inappropriate and possibly illegal.”

The NGO claims police intervention is only justified when the perpetrator makes statements that incite harm, violence or harm to the public.

“In a functioning democracy, police cannot take action against politicians or critics who make offensive, insulting or false statements about anyone, including the Prime Minister.”

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The LFL calls on the new government and the Prime Minister to stick to the reform promises in the 15th General Election Manifesto and to stop all investigations into the Prime Minister’s critics.

“If the new coalition government is serious about empowering free speech and a strong democratic culture, it must avoid the pitfalls and excesses of the previous government,” the statement said.

“No matter how offensive or insulting a statement may be, it cannot be responded to with criminal prosecution. This is how we foster a healthy democracy.”

In a speech delivered by Mr Chen Jianlian when he launched his presidential campaign, Mr Lin Qing enthusiastically endorsed the need for a truly independent president. The People’s Voice leader highlighted Mr Tan’s unique credentials and genuine concern for the well-being of Singaporeans, and highlighted the pressing challenges facing the public from rising living costs and job insecurity. Mr Lim described Mr Chen Jianlian as a beacon of hope for the country, advocating for a leader who truly understands and represents the aspirations of the people.

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In advocating for a truly representative leader, Chen Rusi emphasized Chen Jianlian’s humility, courage and sincere dedication. Stressing the urgent need to restore public trust and effective independence, Chan Ruth stressed that Tan Kin Lian as “the people’s president” would bring back hope to Singaporeans and defend true democracy

At a press conference announcing his candidacy for Singapore’s presidency, Chan Kin-lian emphasized protecting Singapore’s reserves and strengthening the integrity of public services. Drawing on 30 years of leadership experience at NTUC Income, he envisions a future of affordable living, accessible housing and job security, and commits to working with governments to build a United Nations.

Leung urged Singaporeans to strengthen political checks and balances, emphasizing: “Singapore’s best is yet to come if we dare to make the right decisions in the upcoming elections.”

People’s Voice leader Lim Thien stressed the need for reinvention: “As our country turns 58, Singaporeans face diminished dreams and eroded trust. It’s time to move from the old to the new.

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Dear fellow Singaporeans, We extend our warmest wishes to all of you as we unite to commemorate the 58th National Day. Today, we not only celebrate progress…

Prime Minister Lee highlighted challenges in public housing and elderly care in his National Day speech, reaffirming the PAP’s commitment to integrity amid controversy and stressing the importance of trust in navigating difficult times in Singapore. Fong Lik-sun in stills from “Prosecutor” (Class IIB, Cantonese), directed by Wong Kwok Fai. Carlos Chan co-stars.

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A mainstream film advocating the rule of law in Hong Kong is considered controversial by some, and says a lot about the city’s rapidly changing political landscape — and may be the last legal drama to be produced under Beijing’s imposition of national security laws one.

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Director Wong Kwok-fai said the Hong Kong-China co-production, which was scheduled to premiere in 2018, was held up for three years as it awaited approval from Chinese censors until the belated film was cleared for release without any revisions. Directed Hong Kong TV political series

According to reports, Wong Kar Wai’s films are standard legal dramas. At the heart of the lawsuit is Lu (Fang Zhongxin), a successful barrister who, spurred by a personal tragedy and committed to justice in a class action lawsuit ten years ago, chose money over conscience. demoralizing failure

Encouraged by his fellow justice He (Chen Jiale), Lui took up the case of the murder suspect’s grandmother (Bao Xiqing), who was the aggrieved plaintiff in an earlier case – and Lui quickly exposed corruption that spanned the political and business worlds Behavior. and law enforcement.

The case itself is simple. A young man (Huang Dingqian) is accused of murdering the daughter of a Hong Kong tycoon (Liu Qizhi) and framed.

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Can’t wait to reveal the real culprit – the immoral election candidate played by Zhang Jiansheng, the son of the sinister political party founder played by Jiang Jiang.

It employs plenty of crime thriller tropes to set off the twisty legal battles. Taking it a step further, Huang and his writing team allow Lui to twist justice…in order to serve justice.

Interestingly, the scenes in which the characters discuss and embrace author Haruki Murakami’s metaphor of eggs and high walls—a metaphor borrowed by the pro-democracy camp during anti-government protests in 2019—have been preserved.

It’s finally hitting Hong Kong cinemas, and even its premise — that the suspect’s impoverished grandma is looking for the right lawyer to represent him through legal aid — is becoming dated in real life: impending reform of the legal aid system seems likely to Incapacitate the suspect. Singapore’s Progressive Party’s Lee Hsien Yang said on Friday (September 11) that the lawyers’ association’s response to the allegations against the current Attorney-General Huang Lusheng was “disturbing”.

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The Law Society told The Straits Times on Wednesday that a complaint at the time against a particular male lawyer for allegedly improperly deleting legal documents was “dismissed as baseless”.

The association’s comments come after a controversial message circulated within the legal community, a newspaper clipping from 1986 titled “Report on Attorneys’ Alleged Deletion of Legal Files.”

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s younger brother, Mr Lee, also highlighted in a Facebook post today that the article “also referred to Lee Kuan Yew’s criticism of the legal fraternity’s lax discipline of its members and warned of the need to uphold professional integrity”.

A front-page article on October 25 of that year said a senior partner at a leading law firm had been reported by the police for allegedly improperly deleting company documents.

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Lin Xiuzhi, then chief of the central police station, confirmed that a lawyer for the company had filed the report.

The senior partner mentioned in the article was found by colleagues with a male lawyer (later found to be Mr. Huang) in the parking lot near the Battery Road Law Firm at around 10 pm on October 22 of the same year.

The documents contain legal precedents, which are previous cases where court decisions establish principles or rules for similar cases in the future, the sources said.

The male lawyer apparently resigned from his previous law firm after a bitter dispute with a partner. The former was described as a top law student during his enrollment.

Lee Hsien Yang Brands Law Society’s Response To Allegations Against Attorney General Lucien Wong As

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