Crypto Trading Pioneers: Montreal’s Journey To Digital Prosperity – LaSalle College Vancouver and Molnar Group have partnered to build Vancouver’s state-of-the-art creative industries campus, where the next generation of the arts, media, culinary and design industries will launch their careers.

With 65 years in Montreal and 25 years in Vancouver, LaSalle College has been making Vancouver career dreams come true, fueling the growth of British Columbia’s booming arts, media, culinary and design industries. In parallel, Canadian family business Molnar Group has spent the past 50 years creating beautifully crafted homes in the Pacific Northwest. What do they have in common? Building society at its most basic: education and homes. Can you think of more basic and meaningful ways to build a community than providing people with housing and education?

Crypto Trading Pioneers: Montreal’s Journey To Digital Prosperity

Crypto Trading Pioneers: Montreal's Journey To Digital Prosperity

The impact is significant: the college has graduated more than 20,000 students, and the Molner Group has completed more than 100 projects and built 8,400 homes. Now they bring their experience and skills to a project: LaSalle College’s new Vancouver campus. More than a school, the LaSalle College campus in Vancouver becomes a gathering place for students from around the world, as well as designers and artists who want to be a part of the magic happening in Vancouver’s creative sector.

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Both family businesses strive to create something unique together. This building was created with the input of staff, students and architectural experts. It has met stringent environmental standards through LEED, wellness certification through FitWel, and comfort design with the Rick Hansen Foundation. It is the only higher education institution in Canada with three certificates. LaSalle College in Vancouver is a truly unique learning space that has a low carbon footprint, is healthy for people, and is inclusive and open to all abilities.

Technology, active learning, and social engagement come together in a 108,000-square-foot, seven-story building with floor-to-ceiling glass on every level. A sprawling atrium reveals an ultra-modern suspended classroom floating above the common area. The dual-purpose lecture theater and sound stage accommodates digital film, gaming and film classes, while serving as the ideal stage for welcoming the next group of creatives, graduations and memorable events. The game room in the Learning Commons will be the envy of gamers across Canada.

As one of only four schools in the country to offer a degree in fashion design, the campus has several makerspaces—ateliers that encourage students eager for experiential learning to explore, build, and explore creative collaborations. A rooftop meditation garden featuring indigenous art on the seventh floor offers students and faculty a place to relax and be inspired by the hustle and bustle of the Culinary Department’s budding chefs, growing their own herbs, fruits and vegetables to harvest and prepare in the unique beauty of the campus. – dining restaurant – while enjoying stunning views of the North Coast Mountains.

As a member of LCI Education, LaSalle College traces its roots to Montreal, where it was founded in 1959. LCI Education opens the first fashion and design school in Canada and becomes a global network of 12 schools with 23 campuses across 5 schools. continents. LCI Education is one of Canada’s best-run companies and holds innovation as a core pillar of its DNA, so this unique approach is nothing new.

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The new campus, slated for completion in 2024 — Molnar Group’s most modern and carbon-efficient project to date — isn’t the most modern. The premise of this project is that two family businesses in Canada are coming together to change the future of creative education and say “Welcome Home” to aspiring artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and everywhere else.

It all comes back to the learner at the center of the learning experience. LaSalle College in Vancouver provides a place for students to learn, grow, and create lasting friendships and professional relationships that can carry their careers.

Do you dream of creating games, fashion, inspired interiors or stunning graphics, delving into the magic of the film industry, culinary delights, creating your next single or one day becoming famous with your own amazing restaurant? Where your creative future begins. If you want to be part of the first cohort to enter a new campus or learn more about the path to becoming a creative leader, an admissions specialist is ready to help you take your next steps. in the landscape, there are several innovative technologies such as Blockchain and Digital Assets that are disrupting the market.

Crypto Trading Pioneers: Montreal's Journey To Digital Prosperity

Blockchain technology market size is estimated to be more than $7 billion in 2022 and is expected to increase to $164 billion by 2029. The major players driving the global blockchain technology market are mainly based in the US, such as Coinbase, IBM, and Ripple, etc., with growing adoption in other countries as well.

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Check out our updated list of Blockchain and Digital Asset projects to see why this is important in the industry!

Blockchain projects are a collection of decentralized ledger applications that use this technology to make processes more efficient, transparent, secure, and scalable. These applications can cover everything from financial services to supply chain management and ESG/sustainability.

Digital asset projects refer to any project involving digital assets, which are electronic data files that can be used as a currency for ownership, transfer, and transactions, or as a means of storing intangible content.

AAVE aims to provide a transparent platform for lenders to lend and receive interest on their cryptocurrencies.

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AAVE is an Ethereum-based protocol that offers automated crypto lending. Users can pledge cryptocurrency and borrow other cryptocurrencies up to a certain percentage of the collateral value. AAVE uses smart contracts to automate the process, with pre-set rules for how funds are distributed, how collateral is processed, and how payments are evaluated.

Smart contract, distributed blockchain network, accounting, logistics tracking, asset tokenization, public event database, public records database, document authentication

AntChain aims to develop interoperable, high-performance technical solutions for the Industrial Internet and to support industrial collaboration and value creation.

Crypto Trading Pioneers: Montreal's Journey To Digital Prosperity

AntChain is the blockchain technology division of Ant Group, one of the largest technology conglomerates in China and the world. Antchain provides many blockchain services through its partnerships. Currently, their services are mainly at the end of the blockchain infrastructure, providing Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) and the Morse MPC platform, which uses cryptography, multiparty computing technology and privacy protection technology. local box ensures that all data cooperative parties share data while keeping their original data private. AntChain’s services range from copyright services to trading services and eKYC, even the country’s digital yuan.

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BNB Chain aims to provide much faster transaction speeds and relatively lower fees than existing transactions. It also aims to increase interoperability and develop the basic infrastructure of the “parallel virtual environment of the world”.

Build N Build (BNB) Chain is a distributed blockchain network on which developers and innovators can build decentralized applications (DApps) as part of the Web3 transition. The BNB chain is permissionless, decentralized, open and multi-chain. Large-scale applications such as SocialFi, GameFi and Metaverse are also hosted by BNB Chain. Although BNB Chain was created by Binance, BNB Chain is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem that is not controlled by binance.

Allowing clients to manage their bitcoin exposure directly within their existing portfolio management and allowing them to better assess the risks of their entire portfolio, including digital assets.

BlackRock has partnered with Coinbase Global to provide the firm’s institutional clients with access to bitcoin trading, storage, prime brokerage and reporting through Coinbase Prime. Clients can also manage their bitcoins and perform risk analysis using BlackRock’s Aladdin software suite. This move comes as institutional clients are increasingly interested in entering the digital asset market and focusing on how to effectively manage the operational lifecycle of these assets.

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BNP Paribas J.P. Morgan’s partnered with blockchain platform Onyx Digital Assets. The partnership is part of a strategic move to enable BNP Paribas to deploy tokenized copies of fixed income assets for short-term transactions. As part of this partnership, BNP Paribas can bid on its bonds for a few hours before buying them at a slightly higher rate. In fact, BNP Paribas will be able to lend tokenized US government bonds for a few hours without the assets changing their transaction records. Treasury bonds are represented by digital tokens exchanged on Onyx Digital Assets.

The Digital Asset Custody platform operates in the US, with select customers now able to hold and transfer Bitcoin and Ether. The firm has tapped digital asset technology experts Fireblocks and Chainalysis to integrate its technology to meet clients’ current and future security and compliance needs in the digital asset space.

Providing the convenience, confidence and transparency needed to scale up and accelerate global climate action for a voluntary carbon market.

Crypto Trading Pioneers: Montreal's Journey To Digital Prosperity

Carbon Place acts as a carbon credit exchange facilitator with DLT-registered records. Buyers and sellers can exchange information in real-time to ensure fast, secure and traceable buying, selling or selling transactions.

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