“defending Democracy: The Essential Benefits Of Constitutional Lawyers” – Around the world, youth populations are increasingly disenchanted with traditional politics. In recent decades, the formal political participation of young people in countries around the world has declined and mistrust of established political institutions has increased. This young generation inherits many complex and intersecting challenges, including economic and social inequality, environmental degradation, and geopolitical competition and conflict.

As these situations approach, questions arise about young people’s beliefs about democratic values, the types of leaders they are willing to support, and the political system. At the same time, young people are seeking new and innovative ways to engage in civic and political life, challenging established institutions and addressing socio-political and environmental challenges on their own terms.

“defending Democracy: The Essential Benefits Of Constitutional Lawyers”

Join Foreign Policy in collaboration with the National Democratic Institute to convene policymakers and rising youth activists to discuss how this new generation is redefining democracy to address its relationship with democracy, how it responds to their circumstances, and how to support this new generation. broad democratic challenges.

Rule Of Law And Democracy: Addressing The Gap Between Policies And Practices

Eliud Lutsa is a social innovator who is passionate about youth advocacy and developing entrepreneurship and leadership skills for African youth. More than 6 years of experience…

Eliud Lutsa is a social innovator who is passionate about youth advocacy and developing entrepreneurship and leadership skills for African youth. With over 6 years of experience at the intersection of technology and social impact – using technology to address youth unemployment, educational divides and corruption – Eliud is a firm believer in technology and innovation as the way to improve all of our lives. He has a background in Financial Engineering and co-founded Innobid Ltd, a technology startup that aims to automate public procurement processes and use new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain to reduce bidding risks and costs. Support a competitive bidding process that levels the playing field for businesses by involving citizens in monitoring the procurement process to identify and verify irregularities in bids submitted to prevent and combat corruption before it occurs, foster a culture of accountability, transparency and trust. all sizes. She currently focuses on using human-centered design to co-design interventions to address youth unemployment and corruption, among other social and health issues in Africa.

Congresswoman Sarah Jacobs (she) proudly represents California’s 51st Congressional District. Jacobs, a third-generation San Diegan and Congressman, told local press…

Congresswoman Sarah Jacobs (she) proudly represents California’s 51st Congressional District. A third-generation San Diegan, Congressman Jacobs attended local public schools before graduating from Columbia University with a BA in Political Science and an MA in International Security Policy and Conflict Resolution. Congresswoman Jacobs is the founding chair of San Diego for Kids, a coalition dedicated to ending child poverty in San Diego County, which she founded in 2018. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the coalition adapted its mission to serve San Francisco. Diegans in Crisis — co-chair an equitable distance learning task force to mobilize funding to support child care for high-need workers and support students across San Diego County. Prior to working with San Diego for Every Child, Congresswoman Jacobs worked with the University of San Diego’s Joan B. A scholar at the Kroc School of Peace Studies, he served as the founding executive director of Project Connect, an international educational non-profit. A benefit dedicated to connecting students around the world to the Internet. Project Connect has been so successful that it has become a central part of UNICEF’s work. Congressman Jacobs also served in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, where he worked on conflict prevention and response, countering and preventing violent extremism, and U.S. foreign policy in sub-Saharan Africa; as foreign policy advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign; as the Big Data Leader of UNICEF’s Innovation Unit; As an election specialist for the United Nations Office of Peacekeeping Operations. Congresswoman Jacobs serves as the Caucus Leadership Representative, representing Democrats who have served five or fewer terms at the House Democratic leadership desk. At 34, he is the youngest member of the Democratic House leadership. Congressman Jacobs sits on the House Foreign Affairs and Armed Services Committee.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward: How Protest Movements Defend And Deepen Democracy

Maggie Lake is a veteran journalist with over two decades of experience in business, technology, politics and international affairs. He began his career at Reuters…

Maggie Lake is a veteran journalist with over two decades of experience in business, technology, politics and international affairs. He began his career at Reuters and worked in both New York and London bureaus covering economics and global finance. In 2001, he joined CNN International as a reporter and anchor for the network’s flagship business show. Throughout his career, he has interviewed some of the world’s top CEOs, celebrities, and politicians, and has consistently advocated for economic inclusion and sustainable development. He is a weekly contributor to NPR and has moderated events for the United Nations, the World Bank, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Global Citizen. She currently runs Maggie Lake Media Communications Consulting and is a founding board member of the newly formed Center for Women in Business at Rutgers University.

September 12 | See you Defense of Democracy Virtual. If you have any questions, please contact us at event@

A weekly one-stop overview of Latin American politics, economics, technology and culture. Written by Katherine Osborne, a journalist based in Rio de Janeiro.

Successful Use Of Ai In Government Means Doubling Down On Human And Democratic Values — Schwartz Reisman Institute

A weekly roundup of important African news and analysis from Algeria to Zimbabwe and countries in between.

A weekly roundup of the stories you need to follow in China, plus exclusive analysis. By James Palmer, Deputy Foreign Policy Editor.

News and analysis from India and its neighbors in South Asia, home to a quarter of the world’s population. By Michael Kugelman of the Wilson Center.

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Freedom In The World 2021 Policy Recommendations

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Is the world standing by while ethnic cleansing is taking place in the Indian state of Manipur? Since May, violence between the Methei majority and the Kuki minority has swept through Sma… Shaw Morell, India’s northeastern border with Myanmar. The mob burned hundreds of houses and churches and displaced tens of thousands of people. While the world’s attention is on India, which is hosting another G-20 meeting this year, the conflict has been largely ignored by the Western media. What exactly is happening in Manipur? What should New Delhi do? What are the implications for India, Myanmar and the world? Indian journalist Barkha Dutt has covered a lot from Manipur this year. Join defense expert Sushant Singh, who covered the conflict for Foreign Policy magazine, in an FP Live interview with host Ravi Agrawal.

Media Freedom: A Downward Spiral

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The Biden administration’s National Security Strategy called for a “federal technology industrial base” to protect US interests, security and values. Key to the technology front is… Part of this strategy is the new White House Office of Cyberspace and Digital Policy, led by Ambassador-at-Large Nathaniel Feek. Fick is a former director of technology and cybersecurity who previously served tours in Afghanistan and Iraq as a U.S. Navy SEAL. Now, he has been tasked by the Biden administration with expanding the U.S. role in global technology diplomacy and bolstering Washington’s fight against disinformation and cyber threats. What plans does the White House have to stay ahead of its competitors in the digital world? Fick joins FP’s Ravi Agrawal to discuss cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, technology diplomacy and more. FP subscribers are encouraged to submit questions.

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If Taiwan’s Democracy Is Worth Defending, Then So Is India’s

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