Economic Outlook For Mississippi: Attorney Analysis – The Mississippi Economic Council (MEC) has been named the 2022 State Chamber of Commerce by the National Association of State Chambers of Commerce (NASC). Each year, NASC recognizes a state chamber of commerce that stands out for outstanding service and outstanding results provided by its members.

“As the state chamber of commerce, MEC connects businesses from all regions of Mississippi with the common goal of increasing our state’s economic competitiveness,” said MEC President and CEO Scott Waller. “Comments from Business The tremendous support from department members is the impetus to initiate and effectively advocate for proactive public policies that help create opportunity for all Mississippians.”

Economic Outlook For Mississippi: Attorney Analysis

Economic Outlook For Mississippi: Attorney Analysis

The MEC (State Chamber of Commerce) has been the voice of Mississippi businesses since 1949, addressing a wide range of issues relevant to all Mississippi businesses. MEC fulfills its mission statement “to be the leading force in Mississippi business” by using factual, data-driven research to foster collaboration among top private and public sector leaders and develop actionable solutions to grow the state’s economy.

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In fall 2021, MEC completed 51 focus groups in 18 regions across the state, gathering qualitative data on workforce, education, talent retention and attraction, economic development and the business environment. The information provided by these meetings, along with important quantitative data, led to the release of the MEC’s ​​”Securing Mississippi’s Future: A Vision for Economic Growth” report in early 2022. The report paints a clear and unambiguous picture of the public policies Mississippi needs. Promote the interests of MEC members and create a more prosperous future for all Mississippians.

The recommendations in the report are consistent with key legislative initiatives, several of which are already being acted upon during the 2022 session. Waller said tremendous collaboration among state leaders, key agencies and other business groups led to changes in public policy last year.

“We are working with Governor Tate Reeves, Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann, House Speaker Philip Gunn and members of the Legislature to achieve the goals outlined in the ‘Securing Mississippi’s Future’ report,” Waller said. Tremendous progress has been made toward the goals.” “By bringing public and private sector leaders together to focus on workforce training, economic development and improving Mississippi’s competitiveness, our state will benefit for years to come.”

“The Mississippi Economic Council’s value to its members is evident through the results of meaningful public policy,” said Martin Williams, MEC 2022-2023 Chairman and Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Collins and Tupelo. Williams ) said. “However, this award is not based on a single achievement. It highlights the best practices of state chambers of commerce, and I am proud of the work accomplished by the MEC and the support of our members across Mississippi.”

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“The Chamber plays a critical role in helping drive the state’s economy by advocating for business opportunities and growth for private sector employers,” said Heather Briccetti Mulligan, president and CEO of the New York State Business Council and chair of NASC. “Over the past year, the Mississippi Economic Council has continued NASC’s mission of demonstrating best practices in achieving these goals. Being named the top state chamber is a well-deserved top honor for the MEC and its team.”

Based on these examples, coupled with its determined efforts to change Mississippi’s flag and remove symbols of hate and bigotry, the MEC’s momentum is laying the foundation for the transformational changes necessary to secure Mississippi’s future.

The annual State Chamber of Commerce Awards Ceremony will kick off on Thursday, October 27, at the Mississippi MEC’s annual Hobb’s Knob Conference.

Economic Outlook For Mississippi: Attorney Analysis

Business optimism continues to decline as prices rise Economic conditions continue to weigh on the market, as most business owners continue to cite inflation and labor shortages as their main woes.

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Want to buy or sell? As you navigate the real estate market, Domenico Parisi, executive director of the National Center for Strategic Planning and Analysis, talks about the economic impact of the Nissan Canton Auto Plant on the state and its continued positive economic impact. Here are a few tips to keep in mind during the launch of a study Thursday, June 23, 2016, at the Capitol in Jackson, Mississippi. Photo credit: Rogelio V. Solis, The Associated Press

Domenico “Mimmo” Parisi, an Italian-born sociology professor and data scientist at Mississippi State University, reclines in a high chair on stage at Northeast Mississippi Community College in October .

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He crossed his arms and listened as Jake McGraw, public policy coordinator for the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation, presented his findings on the state’s “brain drain” crisis. Census data shows Mississippi has lost about as many millennials as the population of Tupelo between 2010 and 2016, more than any state in the nation.

To experts who study the phenomenon, the state’s exodus points to a poorer quality of life in Mississippi.

Parisi told the audience at the college’s Phi Theta Kappa honor society event that Mississippi’s current millennial population is on par with the national average in size. In short, Parisi believes the state is not experiencing a “brain drain.”

Economic Outlook For Mississippi: Attorney Analysis

“The number is accurate, but the narrative is wrong,” Parisi told Mississippi Today in a follow-up interview, citing McGraw’s speech. “The narrative is more important than the numbers.”

Demuth Jerry Demuth Papers, 1962 1987 (archives Main Stacks, Sc3065)

Parisi’s job is to shape the narrative. He is the founder of NSPARC, an academic research center that over the past decade has collected countless confidential data from state agencies on Mississippi residents, including where they attended college, whether they received food stamps or Unemployment benefits, how much income they make more.

Parisi’s goal is to use what he calls “alternative data” to write a report backed by the academic clout of a major research university to, in his words, make Mississippi “look bigger than what national statistics and rankings typically do.” Better,” in part to attract businesses.

“Alternative data will basically drive any kind of economic growth right now,” Parisi said. “It’s no longer (Washington) D.C. telling us our unemployment numbers.”

Parisi’s alternative data drew praise from elected officials such as Gov. Phil Bryant, who has long complained about negative news media coverage of Mississippi.

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Since Parisi’s research center is the sole owner of the state’s most comprehensive database, one could argue he is the authority on Mississippi’s story. To others, though, he demonstrated an intent to focus strictly on positive statistics and, further, a willingness to seek out and provide data to achieve specific goals or support an agenda.

Disagreeing with McGraw’s “brain drain” research, Parisi did not question the legitimacy of McGraw’s data sources or presentation methods.

“It just leads to the conclusion that he’s said multiple times that he’s not fit to accomplish his goals,” McGraw told Mississippi Today.

Economic Outlook For Mississippi: Attorney Analysis

The scene is emblematic of Parisi’s work — which includes shaping public policy, particularly in workforce development and early childhood education — and the dilemma he poses to critics of that work.

Jennifer G. Hall

Adding to the criticism, the roughly $15 million quasi-governmental entity he set up in Mississippi was largely funded by state agencies doing the governor’s bidding.

With Bryant’s full support, the National Center for Social Policy Research had quietly grown into one of the most powerful institutions in economic policymaking, and Parisi became one of the most influential figures in state government.

Most recently, Parisi served as chair of the State Early Childhood Advisory Council; Mississippi’s representative on the White House STEM Task Force; and as a member of the State Workforce Investment Board, the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet, the Southern Regional Education Council, and the State Higher Education Advisory Group.

In other words: “The keepers of the data are the kingmakers because they own the data and no one else does,” said Pete Walley, a retired state economist who helps promote higher education institutions Data transfer to NSPARC. “… Once he gets all this data, he becomes kind of a power broker.”

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In 2005, Professor Parisi began developing the state’s first longitudinal data system, versions of which are now in nearly all 50 states. Parisi created the National Research Center for Strategic Planning and Analysis, which is recognized by economic development experts and Congress Known to insiders as NSPARC.

This centralized system, housed in NSPARC’s Mississippi data center, stores 3 terabytes of information about Mississippians who receive services from one of multiple state agencies, colleges or universities. These include the state Departments of Health, Education, Corrections and Human Services, which oversee Mississippi’s public assistance programs.

3 TB is equivalent to approximately 750 million pages of text (assuming a page of plain text file is 4 KB).

Economic Outlook For Mississippi: Attorney Analysis

The idea behind the database, which the state calls “LifeTracks,” is to combine data sets to map people’s lives over time. The ultimate goal is to determine the effectiveness of state services, an approach the federal government began encouraging states to adopt in 2006.

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NSPARC receives federal grant from Mississippi Department of Education to operate LifeTracks, legislators

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