Economic Outlook For San Antonio: Attorney Analysis – UTRGV’s Salvador Contreras provides an overview of banking and investment trends at the RGV Partnership Economic Outlook Luncheon.

The Texas economy has recovered from job losses related to COVID-19 and the Rio Grande Valley has done the same.

Economic Outlook For San Antonio: Attorney Analysis

Economic Outlook For San Antonio: Attorney Analysis

Roberto Coronado, senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, made that assessment recently at the RGV Partnership Economic Outlook Luncheon in Harlingen. Joining Coronado was a list of speakers who provided insights on banking, trade, housing and other key economic indicators heading into the rest of 2022.

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Roberto Coronado predicts continued strong job growth in Texas and the Rio Grande Valley in 2022.

Texas is one of the few states in the country, Coronado said, that has restored the amount of jobs lost during the pandemic. The state, in fact, has more jobs now than before COVID, Coronado said. Their data shows that Texas has six percent fewer jobs now than it did before COVID. The same can be said for the McAllen-area market. The McAllen metro area has 12 percent more jobs than it did before the pandemic. The Brownsville market gained 84 percent of the jobs lost during 2020.

The Valley’s economy in terms of jobs to be regained after 2020 is doing better than Laredo and El Paso, which are experiencing larger job losses than Brownsville, Coronado said. Texas as a whole experienced a 5.5 percent job growth in 2021. This exceeded the national number. Coronado said this year will also show that the increase will be more modest.

“The job market is recovering quickly,” he said. “We will continue to see strong growth in 2022, but not at the level we saw last year.”

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Inflation increased by almost six percent last year because the supply of goods and products exceeded, he said. Coronado predicted that the cost of living will fall in 2022, to finish the year at about three percent. He added that “we expect inflation to moderate in 2023.”

The lower cost of living will provide an additional boost to the already booming Valley economy, conference speakers said. Deborah Cordova, an Edinburg-based attorney who focuses on corporate and transactional law, presented a graphic with the following information:

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Economic Outlook For San Antonio: Attorney Analysis

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The San Antonio City Council accepted the censure and motion of no confidence against Councilman Mario Bravo (D1) Thursday. The vote was 8-1; Bravo was disqualified from the election. Credit: Scott Ball / San Antonio Report

The San Antonio City Council voted Thursday to censure Councilman Mario Bravo for his behavior toward Councilwoman Ana Sandoval during a confrontation outside council chambers in September.

An independent investigation determined that Bravo (D1) “approached and harassed” Sandoval (D7) in a violent manner, violating equal employment opportunities and anti-harassment guidelines, as well as city policies prohibiting violence in the workplace.

The incident happened on September 15, before the Council voted to approve the 2023 budget for the city. The confrontation between the two, who had had sex before, happened one after the other, according to the testimony of the witness and the subsequent investigation.

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On Thursday, eight members of the council voted to make the decision. Bravo withdrew from the election. Councilor Clayton Perry was absent after a car accident earlier this week.

Bravo said in an email Thursday that he plans to continue working for the County. He has retained an attorney, the Express-News reported.

“Since that day I have sought spiritual guidance and focused on deep meditation and personal growth,” Bravo said. “I’m willing to take feedback and make adjustments, and I’m committed to holding myself to a higher standard.”

Economic Outlook For San Antonio: Attorney Analysis

Witnesses outside the City Council chambers said that before the Sept. 15 meeting, Bravo approached Sandoval, advising him that his actions surrounding the budget vote were a reminder. why their relationship was wrong. Sandoval broke down in tears, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

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Sandoval’s staff said Thursday that Bravo never apologized to her beyond the apology he sent to each member of the council, citing him as the third person.

Bravo’s parents and current girlfriend were both present and spoke about his character, trying to convince the council members not to punish the first counselor.

“I feel like I’ve been wandering around Fiesta Texas and I want to leave. … I’m crying and in pain,” Burgundy Hubbert, Bravo’s friend, told council members.

Councilman Mario Bravo and Mayor Ron Nirenberg listened to comments from Bravo’s friend, Burgundy Hubbert, during a City Council meeting to vote to censure Bravo for the outburst with co-worker and former partner Ana Sandoval in September. Credit: Scott Ball / San Antonio Report

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Voters from District 1 also protested the move and Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s decision to remove Bravo from his committee role during the investigation. Nirenberg said an announcement about the future of the committee’s appointments would be made in the near future.

“We have a standard of conduct that was introduced to us as a body in February,” Nirenberg said of the city’s procedures.

“As with any workplace, when these standards are violated after a thorough investigation, action is taken, and we’ve taken it. The elected officials are expected to support or exceed the highest standards and have handled the situation, I believe, as properly and prudently as any other public institution.

Economic Outlook For San Antonio: Attorney Analysis

Council members have received training on workplace conduct policies but plan to set clear rules for themselves after Thursday’s decision. City spokeswoman Laura Mayes said the training is “with the expectation that these guidelines will apply to council members and their staff.”

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Bravo was elected to the City Council in 2021, when he unseated six-year president and fellow progressive Roberto Treviño. As a former project manager for the Environmental Defense Fund, Bravo had no previous experience in elected office.

Political analysts noted Bravo’s surprising victory because of Trevino’s differences with North Side residents over homelessness, as well as previous conflicts with Nirenberg.

Since taking office, Bravo has advocated for a better environmental strategy, and supported the transfer of funds from the San Antonio Police Department to fund other public safety initiatives. His attempt to derail the fiscal year 2022 budget process drew criticism from colleagues who withdrew his proposed amendment, prompting Bravo to abstain from voting on the city’s general budget.

According to the city clerk’s report, Bravo has not yet filed a request for council review, which is the most common way to propose local laws or policies.

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Heading into the 2023 budget discussions, Bravo saw an opportunity to influence politics in a different way, lobbying colleagues to direct CPS Energy’s excess revenue to social action. – environment.

When city staff tabled a proposal calling for spending $30 million in rebates to ratepayers — after record low energy bills over the summer — a proposal began to be made. Bravo is the exact opposite.

He asked colleagues to support a plan to spend the money on domestic climate efforts, an idea supported by environmental groups.

Economic Outlook For San Antonio: Attorney Analysis

Although Nirenberg is a supporter of the rebate plan, other council members shared Bravo’s skepticism, suggesting that a percentage-based system would provide the biggest rebates. for people with large houses and corporate clients, not low-income residents who need it most.

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City staff scrapped plans to vote on the rebate proposal in addition to the rest of the budget.

“It’s dead,” Bravo said of the review idea at the time. “Originally it was supposed to pass [Thursday]. They don’t have the vote. “

However, the restoration plan was still included in the overall budget proposal when it came before the full Council in September.

City Manager Erik Walsh told City Council at the last budget amendment meeting on Sept. 14 that city staff made some adjustments to the reimbursement plan based on feedback from opinion of council members. Since they did not agree on other financial plans, they will choose the budget that included it the next day.

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In a last-ditch effort to block the rebate plan, Councilwoman Phyllis Viagran (D3) introduced an amendment that would have separated CPS Energy’s excess funds from the budget debate. It failed on a 5-5 vote, and Sandoval did not stay.

The rebate was approved along with the remainder of the 2023 budget of $3.4 billion in a 9-1 vote, with Bravo casting the lone vote and Viagran not being discontinued.

“Today’s vote is about September 15, customs, dignity, respect and the office we hold,” said Viagran, who voted to impeach Bravo. “It’s about progress.”

Economic Outlook For San Antonio: Attorney Analysis

Here’s Bravo’s version of what happened that day: After incorporating Sandoval’s money ideas into his own proposal, the mayor put Sandoval’s on the table. .

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