“family Matters: Benefits Of Lawyers In Domestic And Custody Issues” – Family law matters are generally governed by Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 of the UAE Federal Law. Muslims follow different laws in the UAE, and non-Muslims living in the UAE can request that their own laws apply under certain conditions.

Family matters can be delicate. That is why our family lawyers at will handle every case with care and professionalism. With the help of our attorneys, you can resolve any legal issue that affects divorce, marriage, or child custody and care.

“family Matters: Benefits Of Lawyers In Domestic And Custody Issues”

Federal Law No. 28 on Personal Status is based on Sharia law and applies to citizens and non-citizens of the United Arab Emirates. However, the law allows expatriates to use the law of their own countries in the courts if possible. The provisions of Law No. 28 cover areas such as divorce in , child custody and rights or inheritance and property.

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Custody of the child is determined in accordance with the best interests of the child. After a divorce, custody is usually given to the mother if she wishes and if she is deemed capable. In order to obtain custody, the parent receiving this right must be a mature adult, without psychological problems, capable of raising and caring for the child. The UAE Personal Status Law gives legal custody to the mother, then those related to the mother more than those related to the father, excluding the father.

If you are going through a divorce and need to establish custody of the child or children, our family lawyers In can give you more details about your rights as a parent.

Inheritance is also established by Federal Law No. 28. When there are both male and female heirs, the law states that the male can inherit twice as much as the female.

Litigation on personal status issues must first be filed with the Family Orientation Committee. Exceptions to this rule are cases concerning wills, inheritance, alimony, foster parents and others. Our family lawyers in can also provide you with probate and inheritance solutions in .

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Just like in other countries, family law is comprehensive and contains many provisions on various aspects of marriage, divorce, child custody and maintenance. Adding to the fact that the UAE is a Muslim country, there are specific aspects to consider. This is why the help of a family lawyer will prove important in understanding how the law applies here.

In many respects, the applicable laws in UAE are similar to those available in Western jurisdictions, but UAE law has its own peculiarities, which is why when dealing with such issues, you should seek advice from a law firm in .

Over the past few years, it has become a preferred jurisdiction for foreign nationals who want to get married here because of the beautiful scenery. When seeking to register a marriage in , foreign nationals must also bear in mind the legal requirements imposed by local regulations. Our family lawyers can help with such matters. Among the services we can provide to those who want to get married in , we mention that we can help with the preparation of the documents that must be presented to the local authorities. The set of documents depends on the nationality of the spouses. It is possible for UAE nationals to marry foreign nationals, as well as for foreigners to register their marriage in .

Our family lawyers can assist in filing the documents related to the registration of the marriage on time so that there are no complications before the marriage. Also, if you are a UAE national and got married in another country, our law firm can help you recognize your marriage here.

Family Matters: Legal Documents, Advice & Guides

The help of an experienced attorney is very important, regardless of the legal services you need here. We are also at your disposal if you have recently moved and are planning to start a business here.

Divorce and marriage annulment are sensitive issues in Bulgaria, which is why this is one of the most important cases where a person will need the help of a lawyer. In 1998, the Family Guidance Department was established to mitigate family disputes to avoid lengthy divorce proceedings.

In most cases, divorce hearings are held in the courts of first instance in . The petition for divorce must be filed in the court where the citizen lives. By residence, the legislation implies the place of residence, in the case of foreign nationals.

An important aspect that worries foreign nationals who want to end their marriage is that there is no concept of a prenuptial agreement under Sharia Law in the UAE. However, foreign nationals have the opportunity to choose the law under which their case will be heard. It is also possible for a court to recognize and enforce a judgment issued in another country.

How Much Does A Family Law Lawyer Cost?

Our family lawyers at can explain all the legal requirements that must be followed in divorce proceedings. We can also assist foreign nationals who are interested in obtaining a divorce under local laws.

Divorce proceedings usually have the worst impact on children, but the courts will rule in a way that favors the children. Our family lawyers in can offer their full assistance in cases where it is a matter of custody and maintenance of a child, so that the principle of the best interest of minors is respected.

Our s can also help with property division and spousal support when the case requires it. You can also watch our video below:

We can help you with estate planning, wills and generally any legal way of handling assets and passing them on to heirs. Our lawyers can also offer you assistance in any legal cases. Please contact us for family case support at . These are the key questions to ask a family law attorney when you first meet to guide your conversation and see if they are a good fit for you.

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Family law is one of the most personal areas of law as it covers a range of topics that usually relate to the creation or dissolution of family relationships. This is why it is important to work with an experienced family law attorney who thoroughly understands your needs.

Cost is an important consideration when finding legal help, but other factors to consider include the family law attorney’s experience, approach to your case, and expertise.

Here is a helpful list of questions to ask a family law attorney during an initial consultation, which we will explain in more detail below:

Some attorneys focus solely on family law, while others practice several other types of law in addition to family law.

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Working with a lawyer who deals exclusively in family law cases can be beneficial as it likely means they have seen a wider range of cases and may have a better understanding of your specific needs, especially if your needs are unique.

This is not to say that lawyers with a wider practice cannot be very suitable. We suggest you evaluate your options holistically to find the attorney that best suits your needs.

Some family law attorneys only take cases in specific areas of family law, such as a divorce attorney. Likewise, attorneys in general practice may never have handled a child custody case, for example, simply because they didn’t have the opportunity.

The key is to find an attorney who has experience in the specific area of ​​family law applicable to your case. As outlined in our review of family law, these areas include divorce and legal separation, child custody, alimony (or spousal support), prenuptial agreements, adoption and guardianship, and more.

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Some family law attorneys will have expertise in many of these particular sub-issues, while others may specialize in one or two. It is important to choose a family law attorney with experience in whatever matter you are dealing with.

And if your issue is specific to divorce, you can check out our list of questions to ask a divorce attorney.

However, more experience often means a higher price. Keep in mind that less experienced family law attorneys who are more reasonably priced can be just as smart and capable, even though they may have handled fewer cases to date.

The cost of handling your family law case will vary greatly depending on the nature of your case and the experience of your attorney. Regardless, your family law attorney should be able to provide a range of how much your case will cost from start to finish.

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Keep in mind that factors beyond your attorney’s control—such as the opposing party’s level of cooperation—can inflate your legal fees. This is relatively common in family cases.

Among the questions to ask a family law attorney during a consultation, this one can be especially helpful both in learning what to expect as you navigate your legal problem and in evaluating the attorney you are speaking with.

As mentioned, family law covers

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