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YES, my book and DVD are truly FREE! I pay for the book and DVD, you just cover the $14.95 shipping! (Continental USA only)

Forex Trading And Dark Pools: Las Vegas Attorney Assistance

Forex Trading And Dark Pools: Las Vegas Attorney Assistance

What are ‘Dark Pools’, and how can YOU benefit from them? This free book and DVD is your step-by-step guide…

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Dark Pools are private exchanges where millions of shares are traded but not reported for up to 24 hours.

40% of all trading volume NOW is done secretly in the DARK POOL. This means that you are currently only seeing a fraction of what is really happening in the market.

If a large institution tried to place an order on the public stock exchange to buy a million shares of stock, their order would never be filled at the price they wanted because everyone would immediately see it. Their own order raises the purchase price before it can be filled.

Regulators allow Dark Pool trading so that large institutions can FULLY EXECUTE buy and sell orders for millions of shares completely away from public exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

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These trades remain confidential for up to 24 hours, avoiding any immediate impact on the market. This allows their entire order to be completed at their exact target price before the stock price moves on the public exchange.

“I combined her rules and techniques with my already successful trading plan and the results have proven to be nothing short of phenomenal.” – Chad C.

“I knew that this merchant knew what she was talking about. When she mentioned ‘Dark Pool’ and where she worked, she had me. The wealth of knowledge… cannot be measured.” – Robert B.

Forex Trading And Dark Pools: Las Vegas Attorney Assistance

“After several years of frustration in the market, I was ready to close all my trading accounts. This has opened the door to a new business approach that is streamlined and precisely consistent.” – John F.

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“Stefanie is as passionate about her business as she is about teaching. She does everything to get you to master… Her method is remarkably consistent.” – Wayne M.

I’m going to teach you how to stop guessing when stock prices will move, and let the Dark Pools show you.

I learned about the Dark Pools working as an assistant trader at one of the biggest firms on Wall Street.

I knew absolutely nothing about trading when I started, but the trader I worked with took me under his wing. He taught me how to fully utilize Dark Pools, and helped me become the first female Rookie Trader of the Year at this huge Wall Street firm.

Hale Road, Dade City, Fl, 33523

Then something happened… I became a mother. As you know, this changes everything. Initially I thought I should give up my business career. Then I found a way to track Dark Pool trading activity from home. Seeing these huge trades before the stock prices move…allows me to pick successful trades over 90% of the time!

What does that mean to you? It means if you took every trade you called in the last 4 years… you would have made triple digit returns every year

Every trade you have chosen over the last 4 years has been documented. I even recorded them on video. I love using video because it allows me to share things with you as if you were right here next to me. That’s why in addition to my book, I’ve also created a companion DVD so you can watch over my shoulder as I explain how to see into the Dark Pools and profit from them.

Forex Trading And Dark Pools: Las Vegas Attorney Assistance

Best of all, anyone can do it. You don’t have to buy special software. With the secrets in my book, you can gain access, and see Dark Pool trading activity for FREE.

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I teach you what the trades you’re watching mean and how to use that knowledge to pick the hottest trades … just like I do.

Whether you’re an experienced trader or just starting out…whether you trade stocks, options, Forex, Futures or even cryptocurrency…watching Dark Pools can transform the way you trade. And more importantly, you can transform your success rate and your return rate.

NOW, to help as many investors as I can… I’m giving away my new book and DVD for FREE! But ONLY while supplies last… So order yours NOW before they’re all gone!

• FREE “Dark Pool Secrets” Book ($29.95 Value) • FREE “Shoulder Training” DVD ($39.95 Value) • 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE! A $69.90 Value – Yours FREE if you order today!

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Forex Trading And Dark Pools: Las Vegas Attorney Assistance

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Forex Trading And Dark Pools: Las Vegas Attorney Assistance

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