“immigrant Justice: How Lawyers Benefit Vulnerable Populations” – The IJC announced additional deadlines for their Underprivileged Children Program Postgraduate Fellowships, a new fellowship program launched this year. Apply today! Applications are due on 28th April.

Use the AZ Honors & Public Policy Guides to review deadlines and hiring information for summer and graduate government honors programs and public policy positions across the country. You must be logged in to access the notifications below using the login information above. Below are some highlights of upcoming deadlines and application opening dates, please check […]

“immigrant Justice: How Lawyers Benefit Vulnerable Populations”

The Berkeley Law Foundation (BLF) is now soliciting proposals for one-year public interest law projects beginning in 2023. BLF traditionally awards one to two grants per year to individuals pursuing public interest legal projects that are legally disadvantaged or politically underrepresented. groups and promote systemic change. They use their grants as seed money […]

Volunteer Lawyers Network

Applications for the 2023 Justice Catalyst/Public Rights Project Joint Fellowship are due by January 4th! The Public Rights Project has joined with Justice Catalyst for another year to co-sponsor a special partnership focused on innovative affirmative litigation and enforcement work in state, local and tribal government offices. This partnership is made up of 3Ls and recent […]

The entry-level NDAA 2023 job fair is an exciting opportunity for students to meet the many prosecution agencies looking to hire individuals for entry-level and lateral positions. Justice major students and attorneys interested in advocating for the rights of all involved in the criminal justice system should attend. Many networking opportunities […]

The Connecticut Bar Foundation and the Herbert & Nell Singer Foundation invite 3L students and recent graduates interested in public interest law to apply for the 2023-2024 Herbert & Nell Singer Fellowship. Singer Fellows is a Connecticut-based 501(c)(3) organization that provides legal services to underserved populations. Fellowships are for an initial period of one year, […]

The need for passionate leaders in the field of immigration is greater than ever. Immigrant Justice Corps (IJC) members of the Judiciary are at the forefront of the fight to expand access to immigrant justice and challenge systems that harm immigrant communities. Creating the next generation of immigration lawyers. Applications for their class […]

How To Get A Free Immigration Lawyer

Now is the time to start tracking upcoming Institutional Fellowship deadlines. These fellowships are funded by the institutions that offer them and do not require a project proposal. Most positions serve as staff attorneys within the office and new attorneys are local and […]

Christine A. of the ABA Tax Section. The application period for the Brunswick Fellowship Program is open until November 10. The ABA Tax Section has been implementing this cooperative program since 2008 with impressive impact in communities across the country. The fellowship implements two years of funding at a host qualifying public interest law […]The first and only fellowship of its kind, the IJC’s Justice Fellowship identifies promising attorneys with an interest in immigrant rights and places them with organizations of their choice. Make a huge difference as they directly help migrants in need and support them with training and expert insights.

The two-year Justice Fellowships are awarded to recent law graduates from across the country – individuals of tremendous talent, promise and demonstrated commitment to providing immigration legal services.

IJC matches fellow candidates with our partner host institutions based on the applicant’s experience and preferences, gaps in services in the community, and specific host institution needs.

Irish Immigration Lawyers & Experts

As our associates are placed in various partner host organizations, their experiences are completely unique. Our host firms’ practices include specialties in immigration law, serving a range of communities, working across geographic boundaries and focusing on key areas of law. Throughout the fellowship, Justice Fellows provide a wide range of assistance to their clients – from removal protection, affirmative asylum applications to juvenile and special relief for victims of crime, domestic violence or human trafficking.

In addition to our justice fellowship program, which has 30-35 fellows per year, we are expanding our footprint to meet the urgent need for legal representation. As part of Vera’s Unaccompanied Children Program and IJC’s network of providers, IJC recently partnered with the Vera Institute of Justice and the Acacia Center for Justice to place an additional 200 judicial members with Vera and Acacia’s nationwide network of legal service providers. This new IJC Destitute Children Program will start in September 2023. Members of the judiciary are in high demand to provide quality legal services to unaccompanied children in removal proceedings. Applicants interested in protecting the rights of migrant children are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Immigrant Justice Corps seeks associates who are intelligent, compassionate, and passionate about immigrant justice. Additionally, we’re looking for dedicated associates to participate in a fellowship program—you give us two years of hard work, and we’ll make sure you immerse yourself in immigration law and help others who might not otherwise have a lawyer.

IJC matches selected fellows with our partner host institutions based on the applicant’s experience and interest, gaps in services in the community, location preferences, and the needs of the partner host institutions.

Common Traits Of Top Immigration Lawyers

IJC is pleased to announce our ninth class of Justice Fellows. Chosen for their passion, talent and commitment to immigrant rights, the 2022 Fellows will bring their many skills to bear on the critical legal representation crisis in immigration.

Each IJC Fellow forms an important link in an extensive network of lawyers across the country. When you join IJC, you will be connected to your team, our staff, alumni and host institutions.

The existence of the IJC raised awareness of both the representation crisis and the dramatic disparity in representation in immigration cases. Through our fellowship programs, IJC seeks to close the gap in access to representation and move the needle toward a universal right to counsel for all immigrants. As an Associate, you will be part of an effort to ensure that every immigrant in the United States has access to quality counsel.

IJC provides high quality, continuous training and skill development. Fellows develop lifelong professional connections during the program and develop skills they will draw on for the rest of their careers as immigration attorneys.

Will Having A Lawyer Increase My Chances Of Success In Immigration Court?

IJC focuses on efficiently increasing representation by placing partners with leading nonprofit legal service providers and community-based organizations.

Media Coverage Immigrant Justice Corps Welcomes 90 Justice Fellows The IJC is pleased to announce our largest intake of Justice Fellows. Chosen for their commitment to immigrant rights, the 2023 fellows will bring their skills to the legal representation crisis. read more

IJC News Watch: Career Opportunities in Immigration Watch an informative conversation with alumni, fellows and board members about career opportunities in immigration law. read more

Media Coverage IJC Board Member News! We are pleased to share an inspiring story that the press has called a “legal miracle” featuring IJC Board Member Lindsay Nash and her students at the Immigrant Justice Clinic at the Cardozo School of Law. Read More In a year defined by words like “challenging” and “difficult,” don’t forget that “success” and “extraordinary” are an important part of 2020’s vocabulary. Faced with unprecedented challenges, legal workers and immigrant rights advocates across the country rose to the occasion to defend human rights in extraordinary ways. Today, International Human Rights Day, we celebrate these victories.

Years Of Fighting For Justice

Lawyers represented nearly 1,900 asylum seekers, winning defenses for asylum seekers in nearly 90% of cases. Without a lawyer, only 18% of people receive asylum. The asylum process is incredibly confusing and difficult to navigate, but with a lawyer by their side, people have a real chance to establish a safe life for themselves and their families in America.

In 2020, we released more than 95 people from immigration detention, including transgender people, people with medical and mental health conditions, and people at high risk of abuse or harm in detention. During the COVID-19 pandemic, NIJC has stepped up efforts to free immigrants from dangerous conditions in prisons, where access to health care and basic hygiene supplies is limited and social distancing is impossible. In the first three months of the pandemic alone, 26 people have been freed.

As a culmination of NIJC’s report documenting the abuses and racial injustices behind immigration litigation, we drew public attention to the connection between race and over-policing and criminalization of immigrants in communities of color. Together with community partners and the formerly detained through the #DefundHate coalition, we urged Congress to end immigration detention and deportation — systems founded on systemic racism — and invest in our communities to benefit us all. Through NIJC’s online actions, immigrant rights advocates have taken action more than 13,000 times, sending messages to their members of Congress and submitting comments to the Federal Register opposing harmful proposed regulations.

வக்கீல்கள் மற்றும் மெய்நிகர் சட்ட கிளினிக்குகள் – குழந்தை பருவ வருகைக்கான ஒத்திவைக்கப்பட்ட நடவடிக்கை (DACA) புதுப்பித்தல், இயற்கைமயமாக்கல், U விசா மற்றும் தஞ்சம் அடைந்த பின் பலன்கள் உட்பட. குடியேற்றக் கொள்கை மற்றும் சிக்கல்கள் குறித்து அனைத்து சமூக உறுப்பினர்களுக்கும் திறந்திருக்கும் இரண்டு புதிய ஆன்லைன் நிகழ்வுத் தொடர்களை நாங்கள் தொடங்கினோம். சிகாகோ சட்டப் பாதுகாப்பு நிதியத்தின் மூலம், NIJC நடத்தியது

Overview Of The Newly Enacted Mainland Judgments In Civil And Commercial Matters (reciprocal Enforcement) Ordinance

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