“legal Luminary: Exploring The Advantages Of Having A Lawyer On Your Side” – This is to inform you that the NBA Conference Incident Investigation Committee (NBA-CIIC) has opened an investigation into the August 23, 2022 incident during the distribution of conference materials at the just concluded Annual General Conference.

We appeal to NBA members and the general public with useful information that may assist in the investigation to contact the NBA-CIIC via: 08087905717; 08033452825; and ciic@nigerianbar.org.ng.

“legal Luminary: Exploring The Advantages Of Having A Lawyer On Your Side”

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The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Conference Incident Investigation Committee (NBA-CIIC) has begun investigating the invasion of the center where conference materials were distributed for the recent Annual General Conference.

In a statement made available to the CITY ATTORNEY, the committee urged NBA members and the general public with useful information that could assist in the investigation “to contact the NBA-CIIC through: 08087905717; 08033452825; ciic@nigerianbar.org.ng.”

THE CITY LAWYER  recalls that the NBA President, Yakubu Maikyau SAN inaugurated the committee chaired by Ekiti State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Wale Fapohunda SAN during a virtual ceremony.

This is to inform you that the NBA Conference Incident Investigation Committee (NBA-CIIC) has opened an investigation into the August 23, 2022 incident during the distribution of conference materials at the just concluded Annual General Conference.

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Members of the NBA and the general public with useful information that may assist in the investigation can contact the NBA-CIIC on: 08087905717; 08033452825; ciic@nigerianbar.org.ng.

The influential umbrella body of lawyers of Yoruba origin, Egbe Amofin O’odua, has distanced itself from the claim of its deputy leader and prominent lawyer, Chief Niyi Akintola SAN, that the bloc took the decision to boycott the Olumide-led Nigerian Bar Association Akpata NBA).

In an interview with a national daily, Egbe President Amofin O’doua and former NBA General Secretary, Isiaka Olagunju SAN, said he is “not aware of that decision”. Olagunju also stated that the Yorubas cannot leave the NBA.

Saying that “Chief Akintola is entitled to his opinion”, the Egbe Amofin helmsman stated that apart from being absent from the meeting where the alleged decision was made, “I have not received any handover memo to say that the Yoruba Bar Association .shouldn’t be in any of the NBA (sic) indexes.

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According to PUNCH report , Olagunju was reacting to Akintola’s comments on the unruly actions of some lawyers at the just concluded Annual General Conference of the NBA.

THE CITY LAWYER recalls that Akintola had in an interview with FRESH FM, Ibadan said, “When that boy Akpata came on board, we the Yoruba leaders, the Egbe Amofin, took a unified position that we will not dignify that boy with our presence at any of your Bar meetings. Unfortunately, some of our own who made that decision alongside us betrayed that trust.”

But Olagunju, in a chat with Judiciary Watch, on Tuesday, said he was not aware of the group taking that decision.

He said: “I am not aware of that decision. However, Chief Akintola is entitled to his opinion, and I was not at the meeting. From the record you can get from the Akpata administration, you can see that Yoruba lawyers played prominent roles. There a large number of Yoruba lawyers who chaired some committees, even the election was led by a Yoruba man.

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“I was at the NBA conference, Prof. (Folake) Solanke was there, Lateef Fagbemi, Mallam Yusuf Ali, Dr. Babatunde Ajibade (all top defenders in Nigeria), various leaders and elders in Yoruba land were at the conference. So , I don’t know, because I didn’t get any delivery note to say that the Yoruba Bar Association should not participate in any of the NBA indexes.

“It’s our bar; Yorubas are the vanguard of the NBA, how can we abandon the house we built?

Mr. Ifedayo Adedipe, SAN, a member of the association, called for an accounting of such an agreement if it ever existed. The lawyer said Akintola spoke for himself “and perhaps the people who attended such a meeting with him”.

He said: “I can tell you freely that any attempt to divide the association on ethnic, regional or religious grounds is bound to fail. It’s a purely professional body, and while I recognize people’s right to an opinion, I don’t think it’s helpful to say that an autonomous body was created to say that whoever is the president at one time or another. not be supported for any reason.”

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Disagreeing with Akintola’s position, Seyi Wemimo (sic), SAN stated that the legal luminary should go further to say what would have been done better if Egbe Amofin supported the Akpata administration.

He said: “The reality is that Akpata has finished his tenure, and I don’t know if the Egbe Amofin group supported him, we would have seen a higher performance.

“Again, as the president of the bar, Akpata is supposed to be independent minded. Despite what Egbe amofin may have had, he (Akpata) managed to become the president of the bar, which shows that the body has had no noticeable influence on the result of the elections”.

Mr. Dele Adesina, SAN, who seemed to agree with the learned silk, stated that the Egbe Amofin had their grievances, and no one can blame them for taking the decision they believe they wanted to take, and they did.

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“I don’t think it’s an issue you should flog, because that administration is over. Generally, there are people who don’t hide their feelings; they tell it like it is. Different people and different traits, that’s what life is made of.

“The fact that the administration has ended has made the discussion a bit academic. They (Egbe Amofin) had their grievances, they had the point they were making at the time, and nobody can blame them for making the decision they think they wanted to make, and they made it.”

Former NBA Akure branch chairman, Ola Dan Olawale, in a report by the city attorney gave a detailed account of how Egbe Amofin O’odua took the decision to boycott.

When I read certain comments made by some Senior Advocates of Nigeria, I wonder how they got the rank because they do not in every way exhibit the qualities required for the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

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There are countless comments made by some senior lawyer in Nigeria that have brought disrepute and disrepute to the legal profession, but for that writing those of Yomi Aliyu SAN and Niyi Akintola SAN will suffice.

Chief Yomi Aliyu SAN, responding to the former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Mr. Olumide Akpata, dragging a partner in the law firm of the Chairman of the Benchers, Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN, Mrs. Adekunbi Ogunde, to the legal professionals. Disciplinary Committee, LPDC to solicit clients from other lawyers, promising that Chief Olanipekun SAN will use his position as Chairman of Benchers to influence all Nigerian judges to give a favorable judgment to an expatriate oil company, he wrote on a public platform of lawyers on next :

“President Akpata do good ooooo! Yoruba lawyers will be there in full force to defend our leader and Primus inter Peres! No Yoruba child will be made a sacrificial lamb like Kunle Kalejaiye SAN was done! Call it what you like! Tribalism ! Yes! What an insult! We are Yorubas before Nigerians”

Niyi Akintola SAN claims to be speaking for Egbe Amofin, the umbrella body of Yoruba lawyers, responding to a question about the fistfight that took place at the just concluded NBA AGM on a radio show on Fresh FM in Ibadan unfairly and without cause justified a jab at past NBA president Olumide Akpata.

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Hear him: “That guy (Olu Akpata) is a transactional lawyer, he never practiced law, he is a businessman, so the scenario of the lawyers conference is not surprising”

“That decision was made here in Ibadan. Chief Olanipekun was the leader of Egbe Amofin, and I was his deputy. I and Chief Olanipekun religiously abided by that decision, however, some of our boys and girls decided to go their way because they wanted to be in the government. They wanted positions.”

I find the above comments by both Senior Advocates of Nigeria to be ungentlemanly, uncourteous, irresponsible, derogatory, divisive and conduct unbecoming of members of the inner bar. It is shameful that both SANS have introduced tribalism into the bar in a blatant attempt to divide the bar along ethnic lines. Because of their bad behavior, I recommend that both of them

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