“litigation Strategy: Maximizing Benefits Through Effective Legal Representation” – Retirement can cost 70-80% of your current income annually. A key source of funding for many is Social Security. Learn tips to get the most out of your benefits.

Because this information will be used to calculate your benefits, check that all of your earnings are correctly recorded on your Social Security earnings records.

“litigation Strategy: Maximizing Benefits Through Effective Legal Representation”

Every year you delay claiming until age 62 increases your benefits until age 70. Note, the full retirement age (FRA) depends on your year of birth.

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For those born between 1943 and 1954, claiming at age 62 results in a roughly 25% reduction in your benefit compared to claiming FRA 66 (100%), while waiting until age 70 increases your benefit by roughly 32%. Gives.

Your benefits are based on your earnings over the age of 35. If you worked less than that, each non-earning year is credited with zero.

Work harder to negate the zeros or make the most of your high-earning years if you find yourself in them. Both can help increase your benefits for life.

If you are married, you are entitled to more of your benefit or 50% of your spouse’s benefit at FRA.

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If you have been married for at least 10 years and have not remarried, you may benefit by claiming benefits based on your ex-spouse’s earnings history. To do this, your benefits must be less than what you would receive from your ex-spouse’s earnings record, and you must be at least 62 years old.

If you work while receiving Social Security benefits and earn more than the IRS allows before you reach FRA, your benefits are reduced by $1 for every $2 you earn more than you earn. Note, once you reach FRA, your benefits will be recalculated.

If you have significant income from other sources (eg, wages, interest, dividends) in addition to your benefits, some of your Social Security benefits may be subject to federal income tax. Be aware of your temporary income and income limits and consult your tax advisor.

Everyone’s situation is unique, and there are many factors (eg, savings, health, life expectancy, income needs, etc.) to consider when determining Social Security’s role in your retirement income strategy.

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Helps create and deliver innovative solutions to support legal departments. Motivated by people, culture and diversity. Global citizen, interested in cinema and sports.

A recent study by Law and Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession found that legal, procurement and commercial contracts departments are under increasing pressure from boards, CEOs and CFOs to do things differently.

We speak to ASEAN Legal Operations Leader Rishi Balakhan to understand the challenges facing in-house legal departments and how teams are working with them in their transformation journals to play a more strategic role in advancing business objectives.

In your view, what are some of the issues and challenges that in-house legal departments are currently facing?

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Since the global financial crisis of 2008, there has been a lot of pressure for legal departments to get out of their comfort zones and operate like other departments in business. This trend started in America and Europe and has made its way around the world.

According to the Surv 2021 Act, a major challenge facing legal departments is reducing their overall costs. At the same time, the legal and regulatory landscape has become increasingly complex, and organizations face more legal challenges and risks. As working from home becomes more common due to the pandemic, legal departments must help organizations manage and protect their companies from the risks that exist. Accordingly, already thinned legal departments are expecting a significant increase in workload. This means legal departments are challenged to do more with less.

Legal departments also need to transition to become business value creators. Only half of the general counsel (GCs) surveyed said their legal department was effective in adding value to the business. There is a clear need for work to be a strategic partner to the business, yet only 52% report that their day-to-day work is aligned with the broader business strategy.

It is also important to eliminate inefficiencies in existing processes that hinder revenue recognition and growth. Almost all business development leaders survived and said they faced challenges working with their contracting teams, with 57 percent reporting that such inefficiencies in the contracting process had resulted in lost business. . Therefore, legal departments are now challenged to review their workflows and processes, make improvements and enable the business to operate efficiently, while controlling risk.

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Do you think the accelerated digitization caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will have an impact on how legal departments operate in the future?

Digitization, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has changed the business landscape. Added to the changes taking place from a broader digital transformation perspective, there is a significant impact on legal departments.

There are many legal risks that the legal department must manage. For example, how organizations should comply with privacy, cybersecurity and employment laws, especially with the rise of remote work. Organizations’ desire to go digital increases the burden on their legal departments, as they carry out their primary responsibility of advising and protecting their organizations.

And while digitization has brought an influx of digital tools and solutions that can help increase productivity, legal departments have either faced challenges in successfully deploying technology or have been slow to adopt it.

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According to the 2021 CEO Imperative study, digital transformation is ranked as the number one priority among CEOs. However, 70% of Asia-Pacific in-house counsel at Legal Survivors said they don’t have the technology they need to perform their duties, and interestingly, only 50% of legal departments have made more use of technology in the past 12 months. GCs in the region clearly agree that digital transformation can help – 50% of them believe that greater use of technology offers significant or very significant cost saving opportunities but have not been able to act in their departments do

Several factors cause this discrepancy between intention and action. These include challenges in finding the right technology, long implementation times, or lack of investment. In fact, 97 percent of legal departments report that they face challenges in securing funding for technology investments. GCs recognize the need for technology, but it is important for legal departments to first consider different approaches when developing the business case for technology investments. Second, the need to think about the approach, identify the desired outcome and plan the process before implementation, so that the use of technology is optimized.

Over the last few years, there have been significant changes in the way organizations procure legal services, with a shift from traditional to non-traditional options, leading to an increase in the use of ALSPs. Our interviews with GCs indicate that legal departments using ALSP are likely to increase their use in the future, indicating that those who have tried this type of sourcing strategy have had positive experiences and want to continue exploring options in this area. Therefore, we expect to see an increase in the adoption of these types of providers in the near future.

Using ALSP has several advantages. First, they are typically “full service providers” who have invested heavily in many of the areas we discuss, such as people, processes and technology, that enable them to maximize efficiency and reduce cost. The survey also found that most legal departments around the world believe that ALSPs have stronger technology and process management capabilities than they do. Organizations can therefore benefit from ALSP’s established technology and processes, negating the need to procure their own technology or spend time and money on refining processes.

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Second, ALSPs are able to provide continuity of shared resources and knowledge that help mitigate legal and business risks. ALSPs are also cognitively diverse—not just lawyers, but also technologists, data scientists, and project management professionals.

Third, ALSPs are typically global in scale, allowing organizations to potentially outsource activities in regions where corporate legal teams have limited or no presence. Finally, in order to remain competitive, ALSPs are also constantly evolving, seeking to adopt leading technologies and refine processes to maximize efficiency.

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