“protecting Tomorrow: Benefits Of Lawyers In Intellectual Property Law” – Almost every law firm has a website today, but not all websites are created equal. The best lawyer websites have strategic calls to action (CTAs) to convert prospects into customers. In this article we will discuss:

A CTA is a statement that encourages the reader to take action, such as contacting your law firm for advice. You’ve no doubt seen calls to action on websites, emails, videos, digital ads, and social media in the form of buttons and hyperlinks.

“protecting Tomorrow: Benefits Of Lawyers In Intellectual Property Law”

CTAs work on a simple concept: If you tell people what they should do next, they’re more likely to take action. This simple strategy works. According to the 2015 Unbounce Conversion Road Trip conference, emails with a single CTA increased clicks by 371% and sales by 1,617%.

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Implementing a lawyer’s call-to-action in your marketing materials can drive more prospects to engage with your firm, pushing them down the sales funnel to become clients. Ultimately, this means greater profitability for your law firm.

What makes a good CTA? How can you incorporate it into your marketing efforts without sounding too salesy? Below, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about CTAs for lawyers.

CTAs are a powerful yet simple marketing tool that all lawyers can use to drive leads and promote case evaluation. This is the basic standard of CTA law.

Calls to action are not only ideal for people who are ready to connect with your business; they also attract potential customers who are not quite ready for sales. For example, take a look at this social media ad from Colorado Legal Group.

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Advertising does a great job of reaching out to potential customers early in the sales process. Perhaps they are thinking about divorce but are not ready to contact a divorce attorney. Colorado Legal Group engages these prospects by providing valuable information—a free, step-by-step guide on how to get a successful divorce.

The firm then uses a call-to-action button (“Learn More”) to lead the prospect to the firm’s website, where they can download a guide in exchange for their contact information. Once the firm has this information, it can nurture the relationship until the prospect is ready to become a customer.

Consider using CTAs in your marketing materials to encourage leads early in the sales lifecycle to take the first action, such as:

When a potential client is ready to contact your law firm for advice, a CTA makes it easy to get started.

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For example, the law firm Kohlmeyer Hagen uses a prominent CTA button on its website homepage that allows visitors to schedule a free consultation. The firm has clearly integrated CTAs into its strategic web design to build business.

Alternatively, you can use a website CTA to direct potential customers to a custom customer onboarding form that runs on the software. After potential customers fill out the form, all submitted data goes directly to . This creates a new customer case file without manual data entry for a more efficient workflow. You can even receive notifications when a new form is submitted so that your team can immediately respond to new requests.

Designing a high-converting attorney call-to-action is all about practice. Use the following three CTA tips on your website and in your marketing materials.

You want your CTA to call for action, so use a precise verb that explains the recommended next step. For example, if your goal is to increase the number of inquiries on one of your landing pages, try one of the following CTAs.

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On the other hand, you don’t always want to hard sell or push the same CTA at every opportunity. Consider the website of Fortson, Bentley and Griffin, P.A. Their home page features a carousel of images, each with its own call to action. The first in the series encourages visitors to learn more about the firm’s history rather than seek advice, which is a great strategy for a historic local firm with strong community ties.

What’s in it for me? This is the biggest question your potential customers have when viewing your marketing materials. Clarify why they should take the action you recommend. For example, you can use surrounding content to clarify the meaning of your CTA.

Champion uses this strategy by using the word “free” on the CTA button on their homepage to demonstrate value to potential customers (they won’t have to pay anything for an evaluation). They then use the space around their attorney’s call to action to emphasize two things: clients pay no fees unless they win, and the firm has an excellent track record. This additional information encourages site visitors to click the CTA without complicating the CTA itself.

You’ll never know if you can improve your CTA unless you try. Run an A/B test, an experiment where you split your audience in half to test multiple CTA options. This will determine which version of your call to action is best.

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Remember to only test one change at a time, for example comparing the existing blue CTA button with the new red option. Even small changes can have a big impact. For example, software company SAP found that changing the color of their CTA to orange increased conversion rates by more than 30%, according to QuickSprout.

Your IT or marketing team should be able to set up an A/B test for your website and/or email. If you don’t have these resources, you can try A/B testing software, such as a specialized plugin for WordPress websites.

According to HubSpot, personalized calls to action convert 202% better than basic CTAs. There are several ways to personalize your CTAs to increase effectiveness.

Your firm has its own unique look and feel – a CTA that matches your brand will work best. For example, Shoup Legal positions itself as a family-owned, compassionate estate planning firm. Their home page focuses on helping customers achieve peace of mind, and they opt for a relaxed Contact Us CTA button in a subdued color.

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Hazen Law Group, another estate planning firm, takes a different approach. Their home page focuses on “protecting” customers and urges them to “avoid costly mistakes.” They take a more assertive approach to their CTA – “Talk to a lawyer”.

The two law firms use very different approaches to website content and CTAs, but the chosen style fits each firm’s brand. Ultimate CTA Law: Keep your brand’s tone and style in mind when writing your law firm’s calls to action.

Let’s say you’re a personal injury lawyer. You serve a variety of clients, such as victims of car accidents, patients and families affected by medical malpractice, and employees who have been injured on the job. Consider creating a web page for each of these audiences. Include customized content and a customized form for the customer with a CTA. Prospects are much more likely to engage with your firm when they see that you understand and can solve their unique problem.

Continue to personalize and customize your CTAs based on each viewer’s behavior (aka “smart” CTAs). If your content management system has audience targeting capabilities, it may be able to measure the behavior of each visitor and offer them a more targeted CTA.

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For example, new website visitors may receive an offer to sign up for your law firm’s newsletters or cover letters. Returning visitors may be offered a free consultation as they will be warmer prospects further down the sales funnel.

All in all, an attorney’s call to action is a simple yet powerful tool that can turn prospects into customers. Use this guide to develop strong CTAs that generate a steady flow of leads, and don’t forget to use them to convert those leads into customers and build customer relationships. Our law firm’s CRM and customizable intake process will change the way you manage leads. In addition, you can learn how to write closing letters, improve your client management skills, and how to improve your legal process.

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