Scams And Fraud In Forex: How Attorneys In Mississippi Can Protect You – Financial Fraud Lawyers is a European network of lawyers working to protect the interests of consumers of complex financial products. Within our European network of lawyers, Mikov & Attorneys specializes in the representation and defense of traders investing in regulated platforms. This includes Forex, CFDs, ICOs, Binary Options and Cryptocurrencies.

Our office offers legal advice and representation of traders. Our practice is based on transparent advice and fair services. In fact, it is our policy to take on cases for which we have a high level of confidence for dispute resolution.

Scams And Fraud In Forex: How Attorneys In Mississippi Can Protect You

Scams And Fraud In Forex: How Attorneys In Mississippi Can Protect You

If you are the victim of a fraudulent forex broker, we advise you to obtain legal representation to resolve your financial dispute. Our goal is to help victims recover their lost investment when it appears that the cause is at the brokerage firm’s end. We offer alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, conciliation, ombudsman and arbitration, between traders and regulated brokers.

Scam Victim Gets Back Bitcoin Worth $500k From U.s. Authorities

The Mikov & Attorneys law firm is a member of the Sofia Bar Association, Bulgaria. As a member of the European Union, Bulgaria belongs to the Council of Lawyers and Bar Associations of Europe. Therefore, Mikov & Attorneys is subject to the ethical code of European lawyers.

We specialize in the field of foreign exchange markets and aim to recover lost funds from traders when it is the result of breaches of legislation and/or irregularities on the part of brokers.

We use European law to represent and defend victims of regulated Forex and CFD brokers operating in Europe.

If you have been trading the foreign exchange markets and have doubts and/or evidence that your investment funds have been lost in a suspicious manner, please contact us.

Recover Funds Lost To Facebook Marketplace Scam

Have you been a victim of financial fraud? Fill out our web form, our lawyers will review your preliminary case.

I would like to thank you and your law firm for your work and assistance during my dispute with the FOREX platform located in Cyprus.

It is clear that without your vigilance and monitoring, I would have been forced to comply with the unfavorable conditions of the Cypriot broker, or to commit to the lengthy court proceedings.

Scams And Fraud In Forex: How Attorneys In Mississippi Can Protect You

I would like to thank you and your law firm for your work and assistance during my dispute with the FOREX platform located in Cyprus. I will be happy to recommend you to other victims of illegal practices, committed by brokers and online trading platforms, especially those located in Cyprus. In defending my case, you and the attorneys at your firm acted professionally, diligently, and efficiently.

What To Do If You’ve Been Victim Of Forex Fraud

It is clear that without your intervention and vigilance, I would have been forced to comply with the unfavorable conditions of the Cypriot broker, or to commit myself to very long court proceedings, with no guarantee of outcome.

Your actions over the past eight months have lived up to my expectations. You have fulfilled your commitment to resolve my conflict in the best possible terms.

Although I have thanked you many times now, I still feel that I have not properly shown my appreciation to you and your legal team.

Before contacting the law firm Mikov & Advocats, I was desperate, broken and hopeless. I thought it was my fault and that I had to say goodbye to my dreams to improve life and save work time. The Cypriot broker betrayed my trust and took advantage of me in the same way as many other seniors, as it became clear later.

How To Stay Safe From Financial Scams

You managed to convince me to fight when I had almost given up. Only excellent lawyers like you can achieve this result: get my money back. Thanks to you all, I have to move on and put this all behind me.

Allan – United Kingdom I know there are many victims of Cypriot brokers and other financial platforms, so I will be happy to recommend you whenever I get the chance.

I am writing to express my gratitude for the attention you have given to my case, without which there would not have been a favorable outcome.

Scams And Fraud In Forex: How Attorneys In Mississippi Can Protect You

From now on, I will be happy to recommend you to any other victims of the shady practices of Cypriot brokers, who would promise you the world to invest your savings and end up losing them in a matter of moments.

Cryptocurrency Scam Victim Who Lost Over $1 Million To Get Over $100,000 Back, Prosecutor Says

Trading, a boomThe trading of currencies and cryptocurrencies has been booming since the beginning of 2023. Many people are ready to take control of their financial situation, and how

1- Introducing fxpremiere Fxpremiere is a website that facilitates the sale of “Forex Signals”, a list of trades considered to be winning or advantageous, with

A medium-term European strategy The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) is one of the bodies responsible for financial supervision and harmonisation. RoboMarkets Ltd is a CySEC regulated broker d/b/a RoboMarkets. RoboForex is the offshore broker of the program operated by RoboForex Ltd, Belize, regulated by FSC Belize. RoboForex offers its financial services in EEA jurisdictions without regulatory permission. Also, we found that the broker’s website receives a lot of traffic from Russia. We have added RoboForex to our red compliance list. Read our latest review.

We stated in our review of the offshore broker RoboForex that it offers its financial products in EEA jurisdictions without proper regulatory permission. New customers without KYC can also make quick deposits through credit/debit cards. One of the facilitating payment processors is Walletto, founded by Edgars Lasmanis and overseen by the Bank of Lithuania. Here is a brief portrait.

Financial Fraud Lawyer Against Forex Scam In Europe

Greendax is no longer a new broker scam. In August 2022, the Canadian AMF issued a warning against the broker, which allegedly operates Greendax Limited in Hong Kong. Recently, the French AMF has also blacklisted Greendax. Currently, registration is only possible after consultation with the Account Manager, a/k/a, Boiler Room Agent. Stay away, maintain your financial health and protect the integrity of your private data.

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) again issued more than 50 warnings against unauthorized and/or fraudulent financial service providers last week. It is noticeable that these..

The financial supervisory authority BaFin warns against offers made by mtrade24-Finanzportal GmbH, operators of the scam broker Mtrade24, which offer financial and securities services without permission. They announce that victims can recover financial damages incurred from scam broker Victims are asked to make more cryptocurrency deposits. However, the profits allegedly derived from these transactions are not paid.

Scams And Fraud In Forex: How Attorneys In Mississippi Can Protect You

Spanish regulator CNMV warned earlier this week against the scam by broker Oro Markets. It is allegedly operated by ECB7 Capital Ltd, registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. However, we have not found this offshore entity. It is likely a fake. Potential victims can lose their money through credit/debit cards and crypto. Payment facilitators are Mercuryo and MoonPay. Stay away and protect your data and financial health.

Cybertrading Scams: Betting On Rising Or Falling Trading Prices

Readers know that through the coordination of the European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI), Dutch payment processor Payvision, now in liquidation, is being sued by victims of scams who made and lost their deposits through Payvision . An investigation by Dutch regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) confirmed that Payvision supported scams and broke financial laws in the process. However, DNB does not want to make the report available to victims.

The Keler Group broker scam has been active since early 2022, and to our knowledge, has defrauded thousands of consumers. Victims’ deposits were processed through crypto payment processors such as Russian Mercuryo or AllCoinSwapper. More recently, Swiss regulator FINMA placed Keler Group on its warning list following several reports of . The scam broker’s website and the victims’ money seem to have disappeared.

Has already issued a warning against the Portrades broker scam in January 2023. The scam still works with multiple domains and is operated through the offshore company Signix Ltd in the Marshall Islands. Bulgarian companies Luko Solutions and Tera Solutions are payment processors for victims’ credit/debit card payments. Stay away and protect your financial health.

Before Western sanctions against Russia over the invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022, US authorities were cracking down on the Russian crypto scene. Since the start of new sanctions in 2022, the US focus on the Russian crypto scene, which is under general suspicion of money laundering and sanctions violations, has intensified and is accusing schemes Russian cryptographers and their brains.

Instagram Forex Trader Gurvin Singh Gs3 Trades ‘scams More Than 1,000 Victims Of £3million’

Shares in China Evergrande Group fell 25% on Monday after police arrested several employees of its wealth management division. Recognized as the world’s most debt-laden real estate developer, Evergrande is at the heart of a tumultuous phase in China’s property market that has led to numerous defaults since late 2021, causing global market disruption and concerns about a knock-on effect domino

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has announced that Ihor Kolomoisky, the detained Ukrainian business tycoon, is facing a third set of charges in addition to his initial arrest on suspicion of fraud and money laundering. This development emerged during a recent court hearing in Kiev, where the bail required for Kolomoisky was significantly raised from almost $14 million to approximately $105 million. Supposedly, no bail

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