The Impact Of International Laws On Forex Trading: Insights From San Antonio Attorneys – Outrage around the world was caused by Russia’s recognition of the DLPR, which led to the imposition of the first sanctions. Russia’s domestic market is closed for a national holiday, but foreign trade shows that Russia’s USD debt continues to decline. A look at how other markets have reacted to the recent events of Ukraine

Russia has recognized the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic (DLPR) as an independent state in eastern Ukraine and signed a social, economic, and military cooperation agreement with them. If there is an “external military threat”, the Russian military can attack a specific country and take action. Russia has expressed optimism for a diplomatic settlement to the conflict in Ukraine’s eastern provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk. According to the OSCE’s assessment, there have been several ceasefire violations along the DLPR and the Ukrainian-controlled border, although actual military engagement between Russian and Ukrainian forces has not yet occurred.

The Impact Of International Laws On Forex Trading: Insights From San Antonio Attorneys

The Impact Of International Laws On Forex Trading: Insights From San Antonio Attorneys

With the exception of a few countries (Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria, and Venezuela), the reaction to the DLPR around the world has not been very positive. The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project is on hold until further notice, foreign participation in Russian government debt issued after March 1 is banned, and Russia’s two largest banks, Vnesheconombank (VEB) and Promsvyazbank, are subject to asset freezes and FX transaction cuts. as a result of sanctions. President Biden, on the other hand, explained that the measures revealed so far are only the first step in a larger process.

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Congress is considering a bill that would allow the U.S. government to suspend sanctions on up to 12 Russian financial entities in the event of additional escalation. Nine of the 12 institutions on the list, according to our calculations, account for 70% of the FX balance sheet of Russian banks, while their individual size ranges from $1bn to $100bn. The FX balance sheets of the other three companies (including VEB and PSB) are not publicly available, although they are not public.

The FX market appears to be pricing in better results. Volatility in the FX options market decreased as a result of President Putin’s mention of a new independent region and the Russian military offensive into the Donbas region. There was a 6% drop in one-month price volatility for EUR/USD and USD/JPY over the previous 36 hours. The FX market can only assume that Russian intervention will be limited to this level. It is also worth mentioning, some experts predict that the forex trading tax will increase for Russian investors who trade with Russian-based fx brokers, because of the current and high inflation rate. For obvious reasons, the relative performance of the foreign exchange market has been influenced by the country’s proximity and dependence on energy imports (even if Japan has outperformed here.)

The response of commercial interest rates to the current crisis has been mild compared to the surge that has been experienced since last summer. For example, the 10-year Treasury rate, a safe-haven asset for many, is only 7.5 basis points below the top. Perhaps market players are too optimistic that the newly heightened tensions will affect the performance of risk assets and the economy as a whole.

The Russian ruble was initially unfazed by the new sanctions, but remains vulnerable. The question of whether the Russian FX swap curve begins to take counterparty risk will be key for the FX market. FX swaps for deliverable currencies only need to have an FX swap curve. There is only a slight difference in the estimated yield of one month offshore RUB contract at 13.6% against the onshore contract at 13.2% now. This may be more so if there are concerns about additional fines.

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Fears of oil supply disruptions due to the conflict in Ukraine pushed crude oil prices above $100 a barrel for the first time since 2014, with Brent reaching $105. On Thursday, oil prices in the UK and the Netherlands rose 40 to 50 percent. Although oil and gas prices fell on Friday, investors are still reeling.

Some of Russia’s biggest oil customers have had difficulty securing bank guarantees or finding ships to transport crude oil from Russia despite Western sanctions on the country.

As the world’s second largest oil producer, Russia supplies Europe with about 35 percent of natural gas and 50 percent of Germany’s gas needs.

The Impact Of International Laws On Forex Trading: Insights From San Antonio Attorneys

Inflation-linked bonds — securities whose dividends rise with inflation — are causing a rush for bonds.

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Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities yields fell this week, but breakevens rose to 3%. Germany’s two-year real rate fell by about 30 basis points as European gas costs rose, leaving the country vulnerable. TIPS funds have entered the net for the first time in five weeks, according to statistics from Bank of America.

As investors have been nervous about a substantial increase in central bank rates, Thursday’s market crash reduced the value of the global stock market by about $1 trillion and continued its decline in the main indexes that started this year.

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In the year and a half since the start of the full-scale invasion, Russia has spent about US$167.3 billion on the war against Ukraine, of which US$34 billion worth of equipment was destroyed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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Direct military spending and the cost of Russian equipment lost during the 18 months of the war (from February 24, 2022 to August 24, 2023) is estimated at US$ 167.3 billion. This estimate does not include defense spending unrelated to military operations, as well as economic losses of the aggressor state.

The largest items of expenditure: ensuring military operations (US$ 51.3 billion), salaries of soldiers (US$ 35.1 billion), compensation for the families of the dead (US$ 25.6 billion) and wounded (US$ 21 billion ) and cost of damaged equipment. (US$34 billion).

After the rapid fall of the ruble, the “expenditure” of Russian soldiers to the budget of the Russian Federation fell sharply. If in 2022, the total payment per soldier is about $200 per day, now it is about $120 per day.

The Impact Of International Laws On Forex Trading: Insights From San Antonio Attorneys

Also, with the fall of the ruble, the cost of compensation for the military in US dollars fell sharply. If at the rate of 60 rubles/$ the cost of compensation for the family of the deceased in the Russian Federation was approximately US$ 110,000, now it is only approximately US$ 65,000. The amount of compensation for injuries, respectively, dropped from US$45,000 to US$27,000.

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However, the level of Russian losses in recent months remained at a higher level than last year, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Therefore, Russians are forced to spend more on compensation for their families.

The main item of expenditure of the Russian Federation in the war in Ukraine is ammunition and military support of the army. The total cost is US$ 51.34 billion. At the same time, Russia spent more than US $ 9 billion to supply Russian artillery during a year and a half of the great war.

The total cost of missiles fired on the territory of Ukraine has reached a huge amount of more than US $ 21.1 billion.

As world leaders head to New York for the UN’s high-level week to discuss how to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a new World Economic Forum report highlights the challenges facing developing countries, with six out of 10 economists surveyed warning of deepening. trade-off between development and climate action.

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, released today, also found that more than 60% of chief economists expect the global economy to collapse next year amid domestic and international political uncertainty and volatile financial markets. Although a large majority (86%) expect the recent rise in global inflation to ease, the worsening financial situation will have lasting effects, including pressure on business debt, rising corporate debt, and a potential correction in property and equity. markets.

Developing countries face the most acute effects of these global headwinds, with chief economists warning that progress towards global development goals could be undermined by geopolitical tensions (74%) and tighter financial conditions (59%). This is particularly true of slow progress in many SDG areas, including food security, climate action and biodiversity protection. At current rates, more than half a billion people will still live in extreme poverty in 2030.

A minority of chief economists expect increased cooperation (41%) and private capital flows (30%) between developed and developing countries over the next three years. However, if private capital flows can be locked in, economists are particularly optimistic about the potential positive impact in certain development areas: digital transformation (97%), energy access and affordability (76%), food and nutrition systems (67%). ), and

The Impact Of International Laws On Forex Trading: Insights From San Antonio Attorneys

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