The Importance Of Legal Representation In Forex Disputes: Mississippi Perspective – We are a leading law firm in the City of London with specialist knowledge and experience in derivatives mis-selling claims to assist companies who have suffered losses as a result of the mis-selling of foreign exchange (FX) derivatives by banks or currency brokers. In order to ensure that we get the best possible results and compensation for our clients, we provide the best derivative misselling representation possible.

We advise and represent importers/exporters and other companies making claims against banks or currency brokers for the mis-selling of currency derivatives and provide high quality legal services to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

The Importance Of Legal Representation In Forex Disputes: Mississippi Perspective

The Importance Of Legal Representation In Forex Disputes: Mississippi Perspective

Our lawyers are regularly interviewed by journalists and broadcasters and featured in the media commenting on derivatives mis-selling. See the Media Appearances section below.

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Please note that we cannot provide free legal advice and do not work on small claims. For legal and regulatory reasons, we can also strictly only provide legal advice once we are formally retained for a fee and you become a client. We charge a minimum fee of £1,500 plus VAT for a solicitor and solicitor conference.

The FX market is one of the largest financial markets in the world and allows two countries to exchange different currencies at an agreed settlement rate on the spot (which is usually two business days after the exchange). It is estimated that around 75% of global forex trade is between different G10 currencies, including the British Pound (GBP), the US Dollar (USD), the Euro (EUR), the Japanese Yen (JPY) and the Swiss Franc. franc (CHF).

Spot currency guidelines, particularly those set in G10 currency pairs such as GBP/USD or GBP/EUR, are used to determine the relative values ​​of different currencies around the world. Two of the main spot exchange benchmarks are the ECB fixed at 1:15 p.m. (i.e. the rate of the various spot currency pairs set by the European Central Bank at 1:15 p.m. UK time) and 4 p.m. WM Reuters fix (i.e. exchange rate for various currencies). FX currency pairs set by WM Reuters at 4 p.m. British time).

Many UK SMEs such as clothing wholesalers, food importers and the hospitality and travel industry regularly trade in foreign currencies and need to be protected against any unexpected changes in exchange rates.

Black Market Foreign Exchange

Used correctly, currency derivatives can be part of an effective and legitimate strategy to protect SMEs from fluctuating exchange rates. However, many banks and currency brokers encouraged and recommended complex and risky foreign exchange facilities that were unsuitable for SMEs and amounted to speculation rather than protection. FX derivatives are often complex, risky and unsuitable for SMEs for the following reasons:

The mis-selling of foreign exchange derivatives has resulted in significant financial losses for many SMEs who were not provided with adequate pre-sale advice, explanation or information about the risks and potential costs of these currency derivatives. The extent of these financial losses was exacerbated by the increased volatility in the GBP resulting from the 2016 in June the results of the Brexit referendum.

The FCA launched investigations into foreign exchange trading in 2013. October month. and found that since 2008 month of January. until 2013 October month. many banks and financial institutions did not carry out adequate and effective controls on business practices in the G10 spot foreign exchange market, including insufficient. Training and supervision of FX traders.

The Importance Of Legal Representation In Forex Disputes: Mississippi Perspective

The FCA has awarded more than £1.1bn to the big five banks – Citibank, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase Bank, RBS and UBS. FCA in history (£284m) for failing to control business practices in its FX business in London.

Forex Vs Gold & Silver

An initial step may be to try to negotiate with (or file a complaint with) the bank or broker, although this may not resolve the mis-selling dispute without the threat and/or initiation of legal proceedings. You can also complain about mis-selling to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), which can lead to compensation of up to £150,000. Our derivatives sales lawyers have extensive preparation experience. and make detailed complaints on behalf of our clients to the major banks and the FOS, we can also advise whether litigation offers better prospects of redress (which it often does).

Our specialist derivatives mis-selling lawyers understand that your case is unique, so we take a tailored approach, combining the facts of your case with our experience and understanding of derivatives mis-selling to prepare you with the strongest possible legal claim.

We understand that mis-traded FX derivatives can cause additional problems for your business (such as winding-up applications, appointment of LPA receivers or difficulties with HMRC), so we can also offer you an integrated service with expertise in insolvency and insolvency. Tax teams for your business rescue needs.

If you or your company have been mis-sold FX derivatives, please contact our Financial Services Litigation team to book a discounted appointment and consult with a solicitor and solicitor.

What Is Multiple Time Frame Analysis (mtfa) In Forex Trading?

In 1980 statute of limitations sets strict statutory time limits within which you must file claims for litigation. If you don’t take legal action (or defend a lawsuit) in a timely manner, your rights will be permanently barred by the statute of limitations. Therefore, you should first seek specific legal advice regarding your legal dispute to understand how much time you have. left. Ignoring advice or delaying action can be fatal to your prospects for success.BlogLine FINRA’s $3 Million Fine Against Webull: A Reminder for Broker-Dealers on Due Diligence Obligations When Approving Options Trading Accounts

Webull Financial LLC, a newly launched online brokerage firm, launched in 2018. rose by promoting 0% commission trading of stocks, options and cryptocurrencies. According to a recent news release from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

, Webull, among other violations, failed to include adequate due diligence to fulfill its options clearance obligations on customer accounts, resulting in a $3 million settlement. USD fine.

The Importance Of Legal Representation In Forex Disputes: Mississippi Perspective

2019-2021 Webull used an automated system to review client applications to trade options, and as a result, Webull approved clients who did not meet the eligibility criteria and missed red flags indicating that options trading was not eligible. Specifically, “the system failed to compare the new applications with the information previously provided by the customer.” As a result, although three years of options trading experience was required before client applications for options trading were approved:

Nd Cir. Affirms Dismissal Of Rico, Antitrust, Other Claims Arising From Alleged Libor Manipulation

The news release quoted Christopher J. Kelly, senior vice president and acting head of FINRA’s Division of Enforcement, as advising that “[t]he obligations are clear to all FINRA member firms, regardless of their size, rapid growth or business model. . . . Before approving clients for options trading, firms must establish systems and procedures to establish essential facts about their clients’ trading knowledge and experience.

Reminding firms of their responsibility to determine whether to allow clients to trade options, FINRA directed firms to review Regulatory Notice 21-15. Regulatory Notice 21-15 cites FINRA Rules 2360(16(b)) and 2360(20(2)(b) as “the approval process that members must follow when opening a client’s brokerage account for options transactions, as well as the requirement for ongoing specific oversight of options accounts revisions. FINRA, Regulatory Notice 21-15 (2021). Upon approval of a client’s account for trading options, FINRA Rule 2360(16)(b) requires due diligence to determine material facts about its client. Specifically, a member should obtain the client’s investment objectives , financial position, and investment experience and knowledge. FINRA Rule 2360(16)(b). Regulatory Notice 21-15 emphasizes that “[m]embers are responsible for establishing options account approval policies and procedures that are based on client information and consistent with the firm’s oversight framework.” FINRA, Regulatory Notice 21-15 (2021).

While many of the options trading rules have been in place for some time, this result is an important reminder to brokerage firms that their policies and procedures related to options trading approval and due diligence must comply with FINRA’s requirements in light of technological advances and new obligations, including regulation Best Interest (Reg BI). Lawyers and Forex: How Knowing Forex Can Save Your Clients The foreign exchange market is big, with more than $6.6 trillion exchanged daily by traders around the world.

This kind of volume is made possible by the large number of individuals who trade the market every day. Demand for Forex brokers has also increased, with new brokers constantly entering the market. However, not all Forex brokers are valued equally.

Poland: Institutional Deterioration And Legal Disputes With Eu Weaken Credit Standing

That’s where you come in as a lawyer; With forex trading knowledge, you should look out for your client’s best interests, especially when it comes to providing legal advice on all aspects of their financial transactions. Since many forex traders can lose money, you want to make sure your client is safe and dealing with a regulated broker to keep things running smoothly.

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