“the Power Of Expertise: How Lawyers Bring Essential Benefits To Your Case” – Expert power includes having expertise in a specific area and sharing what you know with confidence. Unlike the status power that comes from your job title, expert power is personal. This means that positional power may not always be permanent, but expert power is something that you can grow and develop over time. Learn how.

When leading your team through a project, do you feel confident in your subject matter knowledge? If so, you are the proud owner of expert power. Expert power is the level of knowledge you possess and how well you communicate this knowledge to your team members.

“the Power Of Expertise: How Lawyers Bring Essential Benefits To Your Case”

In this guide, we’ll explain what expert power is and how you can build it to become a better leader. By learning to lead by example, you will gain the respect and trust of your team members and excel in your organization.

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Expert power involves having expertise in a specific area and confidently sharing your knowledge with others. When you build confidence and use your special skills to help your team members, they will trust you as a leader and come to you for advice and guidance in making decisions.

Having specialized knowledge in one subject makes it easier to support your team members because you can provide information when they need it. Expert power can also give you the confidence to help others in your organization.

Expert power is especially valuable because any team member can develop expert power—even those not in a leadership role. For example, if your computer crashes and you don’t know how to fix it, you may need help from a tech-savvy team member. In these situations, team members demonstrate expert power because they have specialized knowledge to help you.

You can gain positional power, but it’s not always permanent. Expert power is something that grows as you develop your career.

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Building Expert Power means assessing your strengths and building your knowledge from there. Most people have areas in which they excel, but the way to build expert strengths is to focus on your strengths—or “talent areas”—and turn them into your expert skill set.

Before you can build an expert force, you need to determine your area of ​​expertise. It is unrealistic to build expertise in every area, so it is better to find a specific area to focus on. For example, if you work in the marketing department and are particularly interested in paid advertising for social media, you may decide to delve into that side of the business.

Tip: To determine your areas of expertise, consider conducting informational interviews with team members who work in the departments that interest you. You can also talk to teammates in your department to assess where you excel.

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Now that you know what area you want to build expertise in, you’ll need the help of other experts. In our marketing example, other experts can train you on the job and set you up with some paid advertising campaigns. If you want to learn more, you can also consider formal education in paid advertising, such as a certificate program or online degree.

Tip: Find tips from experts through resources like webinars, videos, courses or podcasts. You can find a mentor in your field to guide you.

Once you feel confident in your expertise, you will need to promote your expertise to others, but do so tactfully and strategically.

If you complete formal education in your subject, you can share your diploma or certificate on your office wall or on LinkedIn. You can advise new hires in paid advertising or lend a helping hand to the digital marketing team. Over time, your teammates will naturally notice your expert strengths.

Is Knowledge Power?

Tip: Look for opportunities to share your knowledge when it can help others. These moments are great opportunities to showcase your skills organically.

Expert power is more important than knowing a lot about your subject area. As you believe in your knowledge, you will be able to share that knowledge with others.

Once you gain expert power in paid advertising, for example, your team members will trust you with their questions in that area. It’s okay not to know all the answers, but it’s important to build confidence in your team.

Tip: You don’t need to overtly talk about your skills to show confidence. Your teammates will feel your confidence when you show off your skills and offer to share your knowledge with them.

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If you want to keep your expert power, you need to stay up-to-date on your topic as new developments occur. This is important because if you fall behind on industry updates, your knowledge can quickly become obsolete.

For example, Facebook or Google may release a new update for paid ad management. If you are not aware of this change, you risk losing your expert power.

Note: Check out industry updates on Twitter or industry blogs. Thought leaders in your space can also share industry updates on their personal social media platforms. You can also subscribe to industry newsletters or podcasts.

As a leader with expert power, your role should be that of teacher and facilitator. You should coach and mentor your team members to help them increase their skills and influence.

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There are many forms of power, including formal power derived from job status and personal power derived from your abilities. You can use these types of strengths together to become an effective and inspiring leader. Building an expert force requires focus and clear goals, but once you have them, you can develop a team that trusts you and respects you.

An important part of building expert power is tracking your progress as you set and achieve goals. The best way to do this is with goal management software so that you can clearly connect your daily work to your long-term goals. Who would be an expert in a world where experts are under siege? Hard-earned knowledge and experience count for nothing in the eyes of everyone from high-profile business leaders to popular politicians. But what evidence do we have that this assumption is correct?

Amanda Goodall has been asking this question for the past twenty years. Her research has taken her from boardrooms and F1 race tracks to hospitals and higher education. She has proven time and time again that when it comes to peak performance, we need people – especially bosses – to derive from a deep understanding of the world in which they operate.

In Credible, Goodall identifies the key characteristics of expert leaders and provides a model for career development and success based on digging deep into the business, working hard, and knowing your stuff.

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We all want to be led by people we can relate to and trust, to be followed by people we have credibility with. Skills really matter when it comes to credible leadership.

Amanda Goodall is Professor of Leadership at Bayes Business School (formerly Cass), City, University of London, where she specializes in how leaders and managers influence performance. Dr Goodall is a visiting scholar at Cornell University, IZA Bonn, University of Zurich, and Yale University, and publishes widely in academic journals, practitioner publications, and the general media. Her first book, Socrates in the Boardroom, was published in 2009 by Princeton University Press. She is a committed environmentalist. You can learn more about Amanda’s work at www.amandagoodall.com

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