The Role Of Forex Attorneys In Mississippi: An Overview – When considering an international whistleblower attorney, look no further than Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto. We have represented SEC, IRS, CFTC and FCPA whistleblowers for over 30 years.

Our team has helped clients win some of the largest awards in world history and led to extensive media coverage on several major news networks.

The Role Of Forex Attorneys In Mississippi: An Overview

The Role Of Forex Attorneys In Mississippi: An Overview

Take our client and IRS whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld, for example. In 2012, Birkenfeld received the largest qui tam whistleblower award ever awarded to an individual plaintiff, $104 million. Mr. Birkenfeld’s revelations led directly to a landmark legal settlement in which UBS agreed to pay $780 million in fines. UBS and the Swiss government also agreed to release the names of thousands of Americans suspected of tax evasion.

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Another example is the husband-and-wife team of tax informants 21276 and 77. The two played a leading role in a high-stakes undercover operation against a sophisticated international criminal enterprise that managed more than $1.2 billion in offshore “secret accounts.” Whistleblowers have received $17.4 million in rewards after two high-profile victories in Tax Court.

The National Law Journal named the firm “doing the most creative and important work in the courtroom.” Many other whistleblowers, lawyers and lawmakers echoed this sentiment, along with many other Washington, DC lawmakers.

If you know of fraud, submit a request to speak with one of our international whistleblower lawyers. If we decide to represent you, your case will be handled by one of our founding partners.

There are several laws and programs that can be used by international whistleblowers. It all depends on the type of fraud or violation of the law committed. This fraud can take many forms. Before doing anything else, we encourage you to learn about US whistleblower laws and available reward programs. You can choose to enlist the help of an international whistleblower lawyer or proceed to blow the whistle yourself.

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* The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are responsible for enforcing the FCPA.

He has been involved in drafting laws for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). This public service is intended to help prevent further securities and commodities fraud and also help create stronger rights for international whistleblowers. If you know of fraud, contact us for a free case evaluation.

Your reputation, career, health and well-being will be tested when you decide to blow the whistle. And if you want to be an anonymous whistleblower under US law, you need to hire a US-based lawyer.

The Role Of Forex Attorneys In Mississippi: An Overview

We strongly recommend that you hire the most experienced international whistleblower attorney who knows the various whistleblower laws inside and out. This attorney should also know how to protect your identity and certain disclosures, as not all disclosures are lawful.

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If you think you have an international case, you should choose a lawyer who has helped represent whistleblowers in the past. This attorney should be able to protect the rights and identity of whistleblowers and also protect them from retaliation (or reprisal).

Our international whistleblower lawyers have clients from every continent in the world except Antarctica. The National Law Journal named Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto one of the fifty largest plaintiff law firms in the United States. If you have information, please submit the receipt for a confidential case evaluation.

Our clients have reported a huge number of cases. Everything from foreign bribery and money laundering to forgery of documents and falsification of information. We have recently seen cases of market manipulation that violate the CFTC, such as spoofing and illegal swaps trading. Below are a few of our publicly known cases:

Learn how whistleblowers have saved lives, stopped fraud, protected their jobs and earned millions of dollars in rewards for doing the right thing.

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Information submitted on a client intake form or in an email from anyone seeking legal assistance is fully subject to the attorney client and work product privileges. We also strongly encourage you to learn about our admissions process before submitting your receipt. Want to join the team? Visit our careers page to explore and apply for openings, scholarships, and internships at our firm.

Your communication is secured and sent via 256-bit SSL encryption. To protect your identity and confidentiality, do not use any device owned or controlled by a private company or government entity. It is also recommended to protect your online identity by creating a new email account that does not identify you and to avoid using other online platforms that may reveal your identity.

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The Role Of Forex Attorneys In Mississippi: An Overview

The information you obtain on this site is not and is not intended to be legal advice. You should consult an attorney about your individual situation. All information submitted on a client intake form or in an email from anyone seeking legal assistance is deemed to be included within the client and work product rights to the fullest extent of the law. Although we treat your information as confidential, an attorney-client relationship is created only by an express written agreement signed by you and Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto. For the world’s biggest banks, what seemed like the perfect business turned out to be the perfect breed. a breeding ground for crime.

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Trading foreign currencies promised substantial returns and relatively low risk. It was the kind of activity banks were expected to expand after the 2008 financial crisis.

But like many seemingly good ideas on Wall Street, forex trading has been prone to manipulation, so much so that traders have created online chat rooms called “cartels” and “mafias.”

No government agency is responsible for overseeing the currency market, leaving it up to committees, some run by the banks themselves, to set guidelines. And even when federal authorities enacted rules to control Wall Street a few years ago, they exempted certain foreign exchange transactions, a little-noticed concession to banks.

The regulatory void has now spawned another round of criminal charges and multibillion-dollar fines — enough to wipe out nearly all the revenue the big investment banks generated from their foreign exchange trades last year.

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On Wednesday, four major global banks — Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland — pleaded guilty to a series of federal crimes in connection with a scheme to manipulate the value of global currencies. The Justice Department accused the banks of collusion in one of the largest and least regulated markets, noting that at one bank a trader remarked “the less competition the better.”

That lack of oversight, along with pressure to squeeze profits out of a relatively middling business, set the stage for this scandal, which unfolded almost every day for five years. The crimes described Wednesday also painted a portrait of something more systemic: a Wall Street culture that allowed many big banks to break the law even after years of post-crisis regulatory blackspots.

“If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying,” one Barclays trader wrote in an online chat room where prosecutors say the price-fixing scheme was rigged.

The Role Of Forex Attorneys In Mississippi: An Overview

In announcing the cases, the Justice Department emphasized that the guilty pleas came from the banks’ parent companies rather than subsidiaries, marking a new frontier in efforts to punish Wall Street wrongdoing. At a press conference, Loretta E. Lynch revealed that she has taken over as Wall Street’s top cop, less than a month after she was confirmed to replace Eric H. Holder Jr. in the capacity of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

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“Today’s historic resolutions are the latest in our ongoing efforts to investigate and prosecute financial crimes,” Ms. Lynch said Wednesday.

But for the banks, the life of a criminal is likely to bring more symbolic shame than practical problems. Although US regulators could ban them from certain activities, behind the scenes the banks tried to convince these regulators to grant exemptions. The process, which delayed the Justice Department’s announcement by a week, has already resulted in the Securities and Exchange Commission granting a number of exemptions that allow banks to conduct business as usual.

And at least so far, the Justice Department has not charged any employees whose misguided instant messages support cases against the banks. The banks have long since fired most of the employees suspected of wrongdoing, although New York State Financial Regulator Benjamin M. Lawsky forced Barclays to fire another eight employees.

A fifth bank, UBS, was also accused of manipulating foreign currencies. Although she was not criminally charged for the wrongdoing, the allegations cost the bank an earlier deal without prosecution related to the manipulation of another financial benchmark, the London Interbank Offered Rate, or Libor, which underpins the cost of credit cards and other trillions of dollars. loans. The Justice Department overturned that plea deal, forcing UBS to plead guilty to Libor manipulation, a rare stance against recidivism by firms.

Delta Attorney Testifies Before Congress

Regulators say a group of London-based traders known as the “cartel” and “mafia” illegally entered into $5.3 trillion a day in currency trading. Credit credit… Aaron Byrd/The New York Times

In private negotiations, UBS lawyers argued that the punishment was “unjust” and had it made by the bank’s CEO.

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