“your Legal Shield: The Invaluable Benefits Of Legal Counsel” – Many have found solutions through LegalShield, a small business membership that gives business owners the tools they need to get ahead.

Still overwhelmed by the challenges of 2020, small business owners are scrambling to protect their livelihoods and rebuild what they have lost. Many have found solutions through LegalShield, a small business membership that gives business owners the tools they need to get ahead. However, the increased demand for LegalShield’s innovative legal services and privacy protection is not limited to business owners. The company has seen growth across the board, heralding a possible renaissance in this core business.

“your Legal Shield: The Invaluable Benefits Of Legal Counsel”

At a time of uncertainty for businesses across all sectors, LegalShield is experiencing a level of growth that the company has not seen in 20 years. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bell attributes that growth to the confluence of two factors: the minefield of modern laws and the evergreen nature of LegalShield’s membership.

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“There has never been a time in recent history when the issues of justice and human security have been greater on the global stage,” Bell explained. “Our business is based on a service that is in constant demand, not a product that lives on the shelf. Our vision is a world where access to justice and security is equal for everyone, no longer sold to the highest bidder.

LegalShield has provided membership-based prepaid legal services since 1972. While the company’s mission has not changed – to protect and empower people with the tools and services they need to live a just and safe life – the value and coverage of the company’s membership has constantly evolved to meet the changing needs of businesses and individuals.

Today, customers can access two basic membership plans – Personal Plan Coverage or Business Coverage based on the level of services the business needs. Both plans include a choice of legal services provided by attorneys with 22 years of experience and can be customized to meet specific needs, such as debt protection, home-based business ownership, gun ownership, or rideshare. Business owners can access LegalShield Business Plus, which offers a wide selection of features and benefits, including marketing and technical support.

“Our product improvements and technological advancements continue in anticipation of the evolving, diverse needs of our members,” said Glenn Petersen, President of LegalShield Business Solutions. “It is gratifying to know that our legal and identity services are invaluable tools that address significant financial and family vulnerabilities, including those resulting from COVID-19 and privacy and dignity management concerns.”

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As the only provider of legal, reputation and privacy services in the direct marketing industry, LegalShield offers an unmatched proposition to prospective clients in the network; however, it’s not just an unplanned area of ​​business that puts the opportunity out there. Don Thompson, President of LegalShield’s Network Division, enjoyed more than 20 years in the field before accepting his corporate leadership role. He explains how LegalShield’s compensation structure offers unlimited opportunities – for life.

“We’re a little different in that we offer a subscription-based service,” Thompson said. “Well, it’s not like every month we sell (the product) to the same customers. Instead, we offer plans that members value for life. Affiliates are able to earn commissions on new memberships and referrals, while continuing to be paid a percentage for the remainder of the life of that book of business. Members are protected when they need it—when they want their legal rights. And the co-worker is reimbursed for the lifetime of the membership.”

This view of life has led to a loyal membership and a trusted environment, with the average LegalShield leader holding 20 years plus tenure at the company.

“Our products and services are ‘one-offs,'” adds Petersen. “Then they address inescapable vulnerabilities by providing valuable protection and empowerment at any stage of a member’s life. Our services have never been more needed than during the crisis we faced this year. It was a siren call to thousands of unwilling not just selling locally, but making a difference in the world while doing it.”

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“As many people have been dismissed or shunned, our local industry offers the best of the world,” explains Bell. “There’s no big investment in inventory, we’re providing a service that improves people’s lives when it’s used, and this is an opportunity to develop a real income and a lifetime surplus.”

Unlike other network marketing opportunities, affiliates can see great success whether they choose to focus on building teams, or producing business on their own. LegalShield sees an average of 10 times more members sold than new partners recruited each year.

“For many network marketing companies, everything is based on the need to sell,” says Thompson. “Although 2021 was a record year for LegalShield’s recruitment, not everyone you talk to will want to join the business. However, what sets us apart is that everyone we talk to should be protected and empowered with access to our range of products. Since you get paid based on your active membership, you can earn more money by building a large book of businesses that you and your team have signed up. “

Before the 2020s, LegalShield had already made a big investment in a search app and a business-related back-office app. Additionally, colleagues were more familiar with using Zoom to collaborate in person. This allowed LegalShield to accelerate the pivot in 2020, and create a virtual experience for partners to continue to grow and build their business with record growth.

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“We have successfully hosted an international conference and leadership conference with over 12,000 participants at each event,” added Bell.

LegalShield’s Network Division grew by hiring more than 80 percent in 2020, ending the year with more than 4.4 million people covered by LegalShield’s services across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. In 2020, LegalShield’s Provider law firms received more than 2.2 million requests for new services from members.

The past year has seen growth on the LegalShield board – financial growth, thousands of new members and partners and expanding productivity.

“Our legal services and private management resources grew faster in 2020 than in any of the previous five years,” Bell said. “We’ve added a number of great additions to our official membership and added great tools to help small businesses launch and grow their businesses. We have also greatly expanded the number of services offered to our IDShield members. “

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IDShield is LegalShield’s privacy and name management solution, available as a separate subscription membership for individuals and families. In 2020, the company added privacy consulting and name management to IDShield, as well as access to licensed private investigators who educate members on safe internet and email usage.

As LegalShield begins its 49th year in business, the momentum gained by the company in 2020 is expected to continue. This year is set to include further expansions to small business plans, more robust trial protection and gun ownership supplements, and new LegalShield and IDShield plans in the second half of 2021 and a “telalawyer” service, such as telemedicine services. has gained a lot of popularity in 2020. Also expected is a redesigned corporate office structure and a new, better user experience for LegalShield members.

“We’re going into 2021 with the mantra, our time is now,” Bell said. “Our 2025 vision is to secure and empower more than 2,000,000 new members annually and reach 10,000,000 active members worldwide – and we’re on our way. Over our next five-year cycle, we will continue to advance this mission on a massive scale, reaching millions of active members, with cutting-edge technology and thoughtful, personal experience supported by thousands of attorneys and professionals. “

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